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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wotan's Oak

Ancient Oaks at Richmond Park, London

It is not well known that Hitler, who was supposedly Catholic, wrote an Odinist Poem while at the Front, and this seems an interesting historical episode. It is a good poem but I did not like the only translation of it, so I made a new one, which follows.

On Bitter Nights to Wotan’s Oak sometimes I go.
Surrounded by the quiet gleam of night.
Alliance with Celestial Gods to sow,
While Moon makes manifest her rune of might

Those who during day with hateful glee do wax,
Now lessen before her marching dance,
Evil ones throwing spears of steel find their aim lax,
Turning to stalagmites of stony stance..

Thus the lunar light doth separate the false from true,
Transforming nest of swords to blessing for the just with morning dew.

A Hitler (translation S. Fenner)

For the previous translation and the poem in its original language see here.:

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