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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Odinism and the Rebirth of Nature

Odinists see trees and forests as a living part of nature and creation, and believe that nature is alive and filled with divine spirit, while Christians see nature as separate from us and from God.

The idea of holding nature, forests, trees and our holy sites as sacred is thought by them to be evil and idolatrous. For this reason, both trees and people who believed that God and nature are one, ...
were destroyed by the Church.

In Germany, for example, Archbishop Unwan, purposely built churches with wood from our sacred forests, and Boniface chopped down Thor’s Sacred Oak and used its wood to build a church. It is said that a baby pine miraculously grew up in its place out of its roots. Boniface was sainted for his destruction of our ancient, sacred tree.

The oldest tree ever discovered, which can be seen on the right, has recently been found in Sweden. Its’ root system is more than 9,500 years old which dates it to around the time of the end of the last Ice Age. The offshoot itself is 600 years old. Let us hope that the Judeo-Christians do not try to chop this down as well.

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