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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Judea Declares War on Germany by Cosmin Florin

The writing below is NOT my original post or words as the other blogs here are, but those of Cosmin Florin. I am simply reproducing the quotes he gathered and the picture accompanying it from his facebook page. I will add one thing myself though. Look at the date...


The front page of the London Daily News of 24 March 1933 states 29 bis:

“Judas declares war on Germany. Jews of all the world unite. Boycott all German goods. The whole of Israel is uniting to declare an economic and financial war on Germany.”

“All Israel is rising in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on the Jews…. Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business world to sever trade relations with Germany…. Germany is a heavy borrower in foreign money markets, where Jewish influence is considerable….”

Note that anti-German propaganda already spoke of a “Nazi onslaught on the Jews” and a “Jewish declaration of war against Germany” as early as 1933. Before the passage of even one single anti-Jewish measure in Germany!

This economic boycott was extremely effective. It was no way comparable tot the symbolic one-day anti-Jewish boycott of 1 April 1933, which did German Jews almost no harm whatsoever. Yet it is constantly harped on by the same media which keeps eloquently silent about the highly effective Jewish boycott of Germany; which latest for years! Germany, still prostrate and poverty-stricken as a result of the world depression and the First World War, attempted to encourage as many Jews as possible to emigrate, since this offered employment opportunities for many German unemployed. Paradoxically, this policy was supported by the Zionist movement itself. Zionist representatives made astonishingly frequent appearances at SS meetings and offices in those early years. Yet nothing is heard of this today. Jewish emigration, encouraged to some extent by moderate pressure, was nevertheless a perceptible intervention in the private lives of the largely assimilated German, Jewish population. Many emigrated.

The results, outside Germany, was an unceasing campaign of anti-German hatred.

- 11.02.1922 Isaak Salbey, Der Türmer ["The Watchtower"]: “The German race must be destroyed, there is no doubt about that”.

- 20.07.1932 Bermat Lacache, The Jewish World League: “Germany is our National Enemy N° 1, its our duty to declare pitiless war upon her”.

- 24.03.1933 Daily Express: “Judea Declares War on Germany, the whole of Israel throughout the world unites to declare an economic and financial war on Germany.”

- 07.08.1933, Samuel Untermeyer, New York Times (World Jewish Union, in the name of the international Federation to Combat the Hitlerite Oppression of Jewry) : “The war hereby declared upon Germany is a holy war. It must be waged against Germany to the end, to its destruction.”

- 22.01.1934, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Irgun Zwai Leumi: “We will unleash a spiritual and material war on the part of the entire world. Our Jewish interests demand the most complete destruction of Germany. The German people is a collective and individual danger to the Jews.”

- 27.07.1935, Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Jewish Daily Bulletin, “There is only one power that counts, and that is the power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful nation in the world. We have the power, and we know how to use is.”

- 05.09.1939, Chaim Waizmann to Chamberlain, Jewish World Chronicle, as reprinted from the Times: “I expressly wish to confirm the statement that we Jews will fight side by side with Great Britain and democracy.”

- [Date unknown], The Jewish delegation is prepared to conclude an immediate agreement to make all human power, assistance, and abilities of the Jews available usefully against Germany.”

-13.09.1939, Centraal Blad voor Isrealieten inNederland; Millions of Jews in America, England, France, Africa and Palestine are determined to begin a war of extermination against Germany!

- 26.02.1940, Jewish World Congress, Evening Telegram, Toronto: “The Jewish World Congress has been at war with Germany for 7 years!”

- 26.02.1940, Maurice Perzweig, the Jewish World Congress, British Section: “The Jewish World Congress has been uninterruptedly at war with Germany for the past 7 years!”

- 08.06.1940, Rabbi Stephen Wise: “This war is our cause.”

- 08.05.1942, Jewish Chronicle: “We declare that we have been at war with Hitler since the first days of his seizure of power in 1933.”

In February 1936, the German NS leader in Switzerland was murdered by the Jew David Frankfurter. On 7 November, the Polish Jew Herschel Grynszpan shot the German diplomat Ernst von Rath in Paris, von Rath died of his wounds two days later. The murderer was motivated by a desire for revenge, the Germans had forced his parents to emigrate to Poland! The results was the “Night of Broken Glass”, generally assumed to have been a put-up job by Goebbels (although there is a great divergence of opinion on this point). There were acts of violence against Jews, between 36 and 100 Jews were killed, synagogues and Jewish businesses were set alight.

The attributes of the National socialists towards the Jews hardly differed from present-day Jewish attributes towards Palestinians, but with one difference: the Palestinians were the original, ancient inhabitants of Palestine.

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, the Jews rallied decisively to the Allies. Perhaps they should have paused to consider that a large part of European Jewry might have to live and survive under German occupation only one year later.


The President of the World Jewish Congress and later President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, declared:

“I would like to make it perfectly clear that we Jews stand on the side of Great Britain and will fight for the democracies. For this reason, we place ourselves under the united leadership of the British government in the smallest and greatest and greatest matters. The Jewish delegation is prepared to place the entire working powers of the Jews, their technology, their assistance and abilities to great effects.”


From the speech of the President of the Jewish Congress, Chaim Weizmann, of 8 December 1942 in New York:

“We do not deny it, and we are not afraid to acknowledge the truth, that this war is our war, and will be waged to free the Jewish people.”

“We say that, without us, the success of the Allies would have been inconceivable. Stronger than all fronts is the front of Jewry. We lend this war not only our complete financial support. Victory rests upon the weakening of the enemy, his destruction in his own fortress.”

“And we are the Trojan Horse in the enemy bulwark. Thousands of Jaws living in Europe represents the chief factor in the destruction of the enemy.”

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