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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

De-programming 101

One thing I consistently notice is that many European Christians seem to disrespect, or even hate, their own people, history and culture. This is a major reason why they disparage their own native religion in favor of a foreign one. As unnatural as this is, this reaction is not really surprising because they have been brainwashed, from a very early age, to identify with alien semitic peoples rather than their own.

This picture was taken of a page found on a protestant church bulletin board. Such non European materials are often given to small European children to color on the off chance that a child might otherwise actually identify with his own race instead of Hebrews. Unless one is very strong minded, a helpless European child subjected to this sort of propaganda programme, often endorsed by his or her own parents, does not have much chance of NOT losing his own unique cultural identity.

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  1. it is most odd see that christians don't have any historical research.