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Monday, April 25, 2016

Cassandra's Lost Children... Will the Hybrid Pagan-Christian Slaves of the Jews ever become Real European Heathens?

Cassandra, who scorned the love of Apollo... For rejecting the natural order and divinity itself, she was punished in that she prophesied correctly, but was never believed. She also was raped by the Lesser Ajax during the Sack of Troy, and given to Agamemnon, whom she bore twins. These twins, and Cassandra herself, were later murdered by Agamemnon's wife, Clytemnestra. 

This is not really an article as such, merely a quick publication of the private response we made in order to combat the cowardly "Pagan" Federation's censorship of our response, and to counter the false information given in the latest attack of the Jewish supremacist group which calls itself, Heathens United against "Racism".

For example, we are being portrayed as a political group, a Neo Nazi organization, and in fact we are being called everything from drug dealers to terrorists and efforts have been made to put us on a terrorist watch list simply because we refuse to perform gay marriages. We do indeed support the German struggle against the the Jewish bankers who were starving Germans to death, and similar struggles in Iceland, and elsewhere, and we look after European tribal interests as best we can, but we are not a political organization, but a religious one. We have members who are monarchists or national socialists, or who believe in constitutional republics, and the like. The only political affiliation we do not accept, because it is not only not European, but anti European, is Marxism. 
Communist Anti-Fa attacks are the Witch Hunts of our Age and all of them are funded or influenced by Jews, then, their overriding aim being to silence any opposition to Jewish dominance and any truth telling about Jewish crimes by any means possible. How ironic that these maniacs present themselves as European Pagans, who have always believed in freedom of thought and speech.

I am posting this for the benefit of those of our folk who have an IQ above 60 and basic reasoning ability, and who therefore will be able to figure out why the facts are being censored so heavily. I gather my actually using logic and stating facts that are not politically correct make me a terrible elitist Satanic sort of individual who should be burnt as a witch immediately! Ever wonder why people who present themselves as "Pagans" (but who just happen to all be Jewish and/or homosexual, and mixed race or otherwise non European) are so keen on witch hunts, and why they always target native Europeans?

Fake Pagans are trying to use our religion as a vehicle for foreign agendas, such as Jewish supremacism, genocide of Europeans and our culture by mass immigration and race mixing, and homosexual marriage and adoption. As genuine European Odinists, not surprisingly, we stand against this arrogant intrusion into our native religion by hostile foreigners, just as any other tribal religion of any race would.  You can learn more about the hate group that is doing this, and their true attitudes, aims, and tactics in this video.

I confess I am not at all angry in regard to the many foul and abusive comments and threats I have received in regard to this simple and polite 3 sentence query about if this organization really had made a statement that was mailed to me or not. Instead, I find myself thinking about how sad it is that the world has already got to the point where taking 15-20 minutes to read something, or actually using reason, both are beyond the grasp of the average person. Here is the article that was, apparently, so far outside the programming and beyond the ken of the "Pagan" Federation.

Sadder still is the fact that these people care only about fitting in with those who really do oppress, enslave others financially and otherwise, engage in violent crime, rape women and children, and genocide entire ethnicities. They do not care about the victims because they are, for the most part, with the exception of the Palestinians, White. Such intellectual and moral lightweights have no character, and no respect for truth, or for reality, at all.

However, reality will be coming to them, whether they like it or not, and the reality that they call "hate", but which is actually "truth", will come as well. The Jewish supremacist regime will not spare them because they were down on their knees to it, not if they are White.

Cassandra of Troy prophesied correctly, but was not believed until it was too late. How often it is that this happens one way or another. Like the parents of Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian, these people may live to see their beloved children thrown in trash cans after being raped and tortured too. Sometimes wisdom can only be learnt from experience, and sometimes it cannot be learnt at all...

On 25 April 2016 at 00:16, Seana Fenner <> wrote:


I am writing to determine if the Pagan Federation of Ireland truly supports all Pagan paths, as stated on your website. I recently received the attached screenshot of a query by an Odinist. Could you please advise us as to if this is indeed the attitude of your organization towards what are known as traditional folkish Heathens?

Best regards,

    S. Fenner

Had a non European ancestry person or a homosexual written to them asking for Native American, Black, Asian, or homosexual clergy, they would not have batted an eyelash, and doubtless they would have been delighted. The real difficulty here is that they hate traditional, normal, and unmixed European Odinists. Black American, Mohammad Ali was very much against race mixing. Is he a "racist"?

These somewhat pathetic individuals, who think "fuck off" is a clever comment, and smugly say so repeatedly in their mass postings of the exchange above, made the following reply, but did not publish my response to it. Instead, they have been engaging in an internet demonization worthy of any ignorant Christian witch hunt ever since. 

From: Pagan Federation Ireland <>
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2016 9:19 PM
To: Seana Fenner
Subject: Re:

Hello Senna,

Pagan Federation Ireland operates a zero tolerance approach

to racism and homophobia, both of which were abundantly clear

in your initial communication.

Your values, as stated here -
Is telling the truth racism, hatred or blasphemy?The short answer is no. What really happened in WWII... about the Jewish Communists, Dresden and Holodomor.

are incompatible with ours.

If your religious beliefs or practices incorporate either racism or
homophobia, then you will not find a home here.
As you seem to wish to make some sort of political issue
of this, might we suggest the following:

Screenshots are so very amateur,

and prone to being disbelieved.

For a proven donation of €10 to any Irish Pagan organisation,

or to the Native Woodland Trust -,

we will send you a signed copy of the statement on headed notepaper.
Laminated if you wish.
We will also send you permission to distribute the letter, in its complete form only, as widely as you wish.
Yours most sincerely

Pagan Federation Ireland

As I was writing this post just now, even though I am already banned for 30 days for posting a notice of an Odinist holiday (see picture below), Zionbook proceeded to remove this highly popular picture from my wall.. Note that European Odinists are not even allowed to theorize about our own sacred symbols and the evolution of cultural customs.

The swastika is the symbol of our God, Thor. Here is just one recent article of ours which touches on this subject, “The Mystery of the Golden Chain and theLightning Yule… Red Thor Strikes Earth…” This is tantamount to removing a cross posted by a Christian priest because Muslim Arabs had been killed in the Crusades, for example. Even if there really had been a Holocaust just as the Jews described, which clearly is not the case, as can be seen by anyone who actually looks into it, Jews killed at least 15 million White Europeans at Holodomor to take their land, and are conducting a genocide in Palestine right now for exactly the same purpose. Is anyone removing Star of David symbols posted by rabbis?

Here is my response, which they do not dare post. 


That was not my communication. I merely copied the screen shot. It was that of a young woman and her fiance in California who are traditional Odinists. It was posted on social media and I simply wished to verify if it was true. Apparently it is. 

Thank you for verifying that you do not follow your own policy of supporting "all Pagan paths". It is important that normal people be shielded from extremists such as yourself. You will be listed as an Anti European, anti- Children's Rights, hate group. I know that the UK organization of your name is also violently hateful towards native Europeans and traditionalists, and ignores children's rights. Clearly, you are trying to insert Jewish supremacism and homosexual agendas into Heathenry and wish use our traditional religion as a vehicle for these aims. We strongly disagree.
This was posted by the Jewish Zionist & Homosexual group called "Heathens United Against Racism", the "anti-racist" group that does not allow posts against Zionism! It is interesting to look at what passes for tolerance ("guidance has to come in the form of a 2x4") and wit ('Fuck off") among these zombie peasants. There is also a woman who is "proud of her beliefs" which apparently include White genocide and allowing homosexual couples, who are 40 times more likely to assault boys, to adopt them.

In regard to the link you posted, yes, those are indeed my views and the historical facts in them are verifiable. I suggest you fact check them yourself and then start going after people of Jewish ancestry who deny the Palestinian and Holodomor holocausts, as opposed to Europeans who tell the truth about a monstrous money- making scheme at the cost of innocent peoples lives, motivated out of real racism. It would seem you are not capable of understanding what a double standards and hypocrisy are. In case you have not done so, I suggest you actually read the "What are Values" article. I suppose a person who grew up around other European people in an isolated rural area may not realize what is about to happen to you, or that 90 percent of all inter-racial violent crime is perpetrated by non Europeans, but if the Jewish- led mass immigration plans for Ireland continue, sadly, you will get to see what it is like first hand, and in your case, perhaps you will deserve it.

WW2 was not about Jews being gassed- the fake atrocity propaganda that was advanced by the Jewish owned media and controlled governments. It was about the fact that Hitler had actually freed Germans from the illegal internationalist central Jewish banks that were literally starving them to death, and that Germany had created a successful independent monetary system that other nations could and still can follow to free ourselves.. The content of this picture was removed by Google on this blog. I have just replaced it with the original. This is being done on Facebook too. -Pictures left but content removed. We have documented several cases of this. My mother was actually just banned for a month for mentioning this. 

As far as homosexuals are concerned, you may be aware that ancient Heathen Europeans bogged homosexuals and had no homosexual "marriage" or adoption, so our path, that of traditional marriage rather than bizarre politically correct alterations to our sacred rituals, is the mainstream path. Since we are and have always been ancestor worshipers, we also do not race mix or seek to dilute and destroy our own tribe, or racially replace ourselves in our own nations, any more than people of tribal religions of other races do. Universalist Paganism is a hybrid Pagan- Christian religion and world view, not a European religion and philosophy. It would seem that you, with your Christianized approach to our native religion, are the ones who are consumed with hatred, and in the case of those of you who are of European ancestry among you, suicidal. 
The  Jewish led Witch Hunt among Fake Heathenry continues... Observe how all these sensitive, tolerant Jews really feel about European folk daring to participate in our own religion without them being in charge of it. They describe those of us who resist their attempts to use our native religion as a vehicle for genocide by race mixing and immigration, and for homosexual marriage and adoption, as being "Christian".. Actually, it is quite the reverse. It is not Odinists who traditionally censor, threaten people for not following their religion, demand to dictate to people of other races and native religions, or try to exclude Europeans from European religions, and so on. It is Christians and Jews who do these things, both in the past, and now. 

Since you are interested in homosexuality, here are a few articles on why Odinists do not allow homosexual "marriage" and why sub human scum like you endanger children in order to appear politically correct and fashionable.

I am hardly "amateurish". I am an Oxford educated scholar with a scientific textbook contract. I also am from ground zero of the Jew's mass immigration effort... Miami, Florida.  Speaking of that, here is something else to improve your minds.

I would imagine the young lady who sent you that message, no doubt assuming that  you were a genuine organization rather than a nest of European- hating maniacs, was simply trying to get advice on where to get married, just as she said. I wonder, do the Jews pay you to do this or are you all just mentally ill people who believe what you are told in the 97% Jewish owned media? No matter, you will be listed.

Ireland in a few years.
Find out why this video was suspended from YouTube for 2 weeks! The 2014 Cross Examination Debate Association's national ...

I am sure you will welcome the imminent death of your entire race and unique Irish ethnicity and culture. I shall be fighting every step of the way myself.

If you are of European heritage, you are a disgrace to your ancestors, but I admit that I do feel sorry for you which is why I bothered to send some links. I fear that you may not be able to comprehend the truth of what I am telling you until it is too late, but do not say no one warned you. 

It may be an old saying but it is true... "A word to the wise is sufficient.". Nothing will inform the surface reader until he or she has the focus and courage to look into the facts. 

Seana Fenner 
Tel; (808) 985-8580 
Main Website: 
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As it approaches Tyr's day, in the wake of these ridiculous Jewish and homosexual trolls and their pet zombies, and their self- righteous rantings, let us hope that through our efforts, this world will not, after all, become a Planet of the Apes, but will still have sentient life on it in the future. Remember the courage and steadfastness of Tyr. We need not care what idiots and collaborators who actually wish to genocide our race think, because such people are, in the final analysis, without worth. Neither will they or others of their ilk have any outcome at all on the final battle. Cowards never do.

Hail Tyr.. and Hail Victory!

Waes Hael..

To learn more about conservative mainstream native European Odinist religion, or to apply for membership or for upcoming new Odinist clergy program, check out our main website , email us at, or phone our Odinist temple headquarters in Hawai`i. If you would like to see some actual work meant to restore our ancient European religion as opposed to outright lies and abuse by foreigners trying to use and destroy it and us, go to the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube to view our Odinist videos.