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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Far More Dangerous than the Spider...

I admit it. (-; I added the spider. I couldn't help myself. Still, the spider looks pretty harmless by comparson.

For a video of the speech where this woman says this, please see previous blog post.

Now to answer the question of whether or not race mixing is promoted in Israel...

-In Israel...If you are of the Palestinian ethnicity your house can be taken away and bulldozed and a jewish house built over it.

-All Marriages have to be approved by rabbis in Israel so people who are not ethnically jewish cannot marry jews. A jewish atheist can marry another jew but not someone who is not ethnically jewish.

-Black Ethiopean jews go to segregated schools in Israel.

- There is Jewish- only immigration in Israel. Despite the fact that international law states that refugees have a right of return, a Palestinian cannot go back to the home he or she was born in, while at the same time, Israel will pay for those of the jewish race to come live in Israel, using your tax dollars of course.

-Ad campaigns on Israeli tv to potray those who mix with gentiles as “lost” and arab men who mix with jewish women are arrested for “rape by deception” even though they are in consensual relationships

This video may interest you...

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