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Monday, January 30, 2012

What is Odinism? The Odinist Religion VS Abrahamic Cults

Odinism is the native religion of Celtic, Scandinavian, and Germanic peoples, and of other European tribes. It has been our innate faith since Cro-Magnon times and beyond.  Our European spiritual tradition and cultural outlook are quite different from that of the more recent Semitic cults sometimes known as Abrahamic religions.  These cults, known as Islam, Judaism and Christianity, are entirely alien to our original Aryan culture and people.

For example, we have no concept of the innate evil of mankind, or of women being inferior to men, no hatred of science, reason or truth, no tradition of holy war to force our religion on others, no proselytizing, no belief that seeking knowledge is a sin, and no separation of God and nature. Even our heaven, Valhalla, is one where noble deeds are rewarded by being allowed the opportunity to perform still greater acts of heroism.

By contrast, in Abrahamic traditions, people are rewarded with bribes of 72 virgins or living in splendor for blind  obedience to a Semitic god. Followers of Abrahamic religions are, in their dogmatic myth,  also punished with eternal fire in hell if they dare to lean on their "own understanding", or do what seems right or honorable rather than what they are told to in writings about this same Semitic god.

For Odinists, whose religious traditions have no boundaries of dogma,  but instead are girded by reason and  honor, and the real seeking of truth, there is no such thing as too much knowledge. In fact, our God, Odin, sacrificed in order to obtain knowledge for our sake, so that we would be able to advance, instead of trying to make us ignorant and subservient or demanding that we be so, as Yahweh does in Semitic myths. We are expected to be self-reliant adults and to defend ourselves and use the divine gift of thought.. In our tradition, we are not sheep who are allowed to feel nothing but peace and who willingly embrace our own destruction, but fully developed human beings who are able to experience all feelings. Our Gods are not foreign, bizarre ones, but are of our own tradition and belief, and truly consistent with our ideals.

Our temple, Freyja Hof- the Temple of Freyja Odinia Invictus, will be consecrated on February 14th, 2012 at the Feast of Vali. This festival is the pre-Christian European Odinist holiday Valentine's Day is based upon.
We traditionally hold handfasting ceremonies during the Feast of Vali. If you are interested in being handfasted, or would like further details, please contact us at 985-7211 or .  We can only unite a certain number of couples, so handfastings  require pre-registration.  Services will be held in Freyja Hof (KMC Chapel) on February 14th 2012 at 6:30 PM. All are welcome.

For more about Odinism, Read Osred Jameson's book. Odinism, Past, Present and Future, available at Amazon. com