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Monday, April 16, 2012

What is the Nation of Odin?

Our next service -Saturday 21st April at 1:30 P.M.- is the Festival of Odinia..given in honor of Sigurd the Volsung.

What is the Nation of Odin...or what I call Odinia? It is a dream that is just that I hope shall soon take solid form and reality.

It is the idea that European people all over the word are a united people regardless of nationality. Odinia is a nation without borders composed of blood, rather than nationality. It is recognition that loyalty to one’s tribe, race and people should come first, before considerations of nationality.
Putting one’s own people first and protecting one’s own culture is natural and good and a right that has been afforded to all other races without any censure. We also need to claim this right. In fact, it is essential to our survival. We are only 7 percent worldwide.
We believe that the idea of worshipping a foreign, alien God with false values is not only unnatural and an impediment to our progress, but potentially very harmful as well. The Dark Ages were named so for a reason.
Supporting, protecting and loving one’s one race and tradition is positive and an act of love, not hate. In fact, if could be argued that preferring to mix with others, especially when our own race is so close to extinction, is actually an act that shows a hatred of our own people, race, culture and history.. and of everything we are, have been and could be. When this is done in order to fit in, or get a job, or to be considered fashionable by the sick, shallow society of today, this makes it even worse.