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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 9 Daughters of Ægir and Rán

The 9 Daughters of Ægir and Rán...Rán is a Norse Siren...a Goddess of the Ocean..

Like the Sea Rán is the embodiment of, she is tempestuous.. and is said to gather men who go seafaring to her bosom with a net, sometimes without their cons...
ent...and to accept the bright gold they have won in far flung places as her due offering or reward..

"Rán's Road" is a kenning for the Sea, as seen here in some lines by the skald Njáll Þorgeirsson...

To the sky shot up the Deep's Gledes,
With fearful might the sea surged:
Methinks our stems the clouds cut,-
Rán's Road to the moon soared upward.

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