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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Memorial Day...In Remembrance of our Great European Warriors...

Let us remember our fallen comrades and have a true Memorial Day. Those who die bravely are not gone. They stay with us in our hearts and are reborn to fight gloriously again.

I think of this iron cross as a modified Thor's Hammer...which is what it is in a sense. Some day soon may we have our own memorial markers again, unblemished by any inkling of xtianity.

Gert Illig translated these beauti
ful words properly and told me their meaning...

"This is a Gerrman Postcard from WW 1 ( The Great War ) . The words on the Iron Cross are taken from an old German Soldier Song...

I had once a comrade
A Better one you will never find again
He was beating the drum for battle
And he marched at my side
With the same walking pace

A bullet flew towards us two
Meant for him, or meant for me
His life from mine it tore
Now he is laying down to my feet
As if he had been a part of me.

With his hand he reached up and hold mine
While i had to reload my gun
Poor comrade of mine , i can not ease your pain
In eternity we meet again
And you shall beat the drum
for us to go to fight ."

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