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Monday, August 27, 2012


False Flags...the USS Liberty, the King David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, 9-11. All Courtesy of Israel.

I would guess offhand that most people have never even heard of the USS Liberty...any more than they have heard of Lazar Kaganovitch, the Jew who killed as many as 15 million Europeans. We only hear about "Hitler" and what we do hear is not correct either.

The U.S.S. Liberty...OUR ship. 34 of our servicemen killed, and 171 injured in an unprovoked attack by Israel. It was thought that if it were sunk that it could be blamed upon Egypt,  which was the point of the exercise, furnishing an excuse for war between the US and Egypt. However, thanks to one brave man who crawled out on the deck to repair communications, it became too risky for Israel to finish our servicemen off entirely, and the Liberty did not sink, and so there were survivors and witnesses. It is abundantly clear that the United States government itself was involved. When our forces started to go to protect the Liberty when it was attacked, President Johnson ordered them to turn back TWICE.

In this  video, McCain calls a representative of the men of the USS Liberty a "jerk" for standing up for our fallen soldiers, who were betrayed by our own government and murdered by Israel, and he does this on Memorial Day. This disgusting traitor insults our own fallen countrymen, while a crowd of mindless sheep who could not care less tries to shout down the only brave man who is truly honoring our dead, and cheers for cowardly traitors.

There is no such thing as journalism anymore. These people are whores to Israel. The female one actually says "The goal of the day was to honor those who this day was meant to commemorate." This does not include the men of the USS Liberty apparently.

Here is an account in the words of the men themselves.

There is a third explanation not mentioned in the video, which is no doubt the main reason for the attack. Had Israel managed to destroy the USS Liberty before it could get word out about who was attacking, which clearly was their intention, then this could have been blamed upon the Egyptians and used as a pretext to bring the US into a war against Egypt for Israel.

This was just one of a series of Israeli false flag operations, all of which were intended to be blamed on Arabs, such as the Lavon Affair (American targets bombed by Israel operatives initially blamed on "Arab terrorists"), the King David Hotel Bombing (English targets bombed by Israeli terrorists dressed as Arabs) and 9-11, in which a controlled demolition was initiated by a cooperative effort between Mossad and traitors in our own government, including dual Israeli citizens as "investigators"... all meant to provide an excuse to embroil the US in Middle Eastern wars for Israel . Mossad's motto. "By deception shall we do war".

 "Americans" have actually told me that the USS Liberty should not have been conducting surveillance and that our ship "deserved" to be blown up by Israel, no doubt with armaments we gave them...and that they were "stupid".

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  1. If The USS Liberty HAD Sunk..Who would America have Blamed for it ?.