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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Dictionary of Cultural Marxism...Anti- European Indocrination..

Is the above picture, which is about the idea of relative level of achievement in various areas by different peoples racist? Or,  is it a simple, and real, historical observation which is meant to free a certain race of people from the bizarre idea that their race is somehow responsible for bringing the level of other people's cultures to the same exact level and type as theirs, which those other people might not even desire? If anything is "racist" it is the assumption that we are somehow the self appointed caretakers of the world's peoples and that whatever a particular people's culture is, that they have created, is not right for and valuable to them in their own way. As Europeans, it may be time for us to consider actually helping our own race, before it is gone, rather than taking on a task which is not ours and which, if anything, exhibits true arrogance.
Imagine that a certain tribe is not able to advance to the same standard we are, even if they tried by honest means and effort , which they are not wont to do. Since they can never be us, and they envy, and yes, hate, us, the next best thing is to destroy us by taking advantage of our compassion, or weaknesses, usually through subterfuge. Here are some of the ways they go about it.
Warning..the following will be from the point of view of a normal self- identifying European who sees things from her own point of view…This is not “racism”. Every tribe sees things from its own point of view.
“Education”: Brainwashing white Europeans to hate their own people and tolerate abuse from others. When I was 6 years old, I was told  by my Jewish teacher, that I had to put a Jewish star on my Yule tree card so as not to "hurt anyone's feelings". When I did not do so, she became furious. The little boy in this video clip has a similiar challenge.
“Building bridges”: Allowing other people to take away the bridges your ancestors built because it is politically correct to destroy your own people.
“Diversity”: The elimination of diversity by destroying the richness of individual races and thereby reducing all peoples to raceless cultureless, goyim with no identity, except for jews of course. Fact: We Europeans have gone from 30 percent globally to 7 percent and will soon be extinct if nothing is done.

“Racism”: a term invented by a Marxist jew to justify destruction of European peoples and weaken their self protective instincts and identity as a people. It is applied ONLY to Europeans. It is used as a method of control when any European dares to see anything from his own point of view or try to protect himself or his people.
Nazi: A European person who does not actively hate his own race.
Civil Rights Hero: For example, a plagiarizing, Marxist jew funded, non- European person who hates whites, such as Martin Luther King, although part of this could apply to Obama too.  In case you do not know what I am talking about you may wish to look here.
Affirmative Action: Taking jobs away from European people who have better qualifications because they have gone to the trouble of earning them despite not having been given scholarships the vast majority of the time due to further discrimination against them because of their color. For example, the "Bill and Melinda Gates Cambridge Scholarships" provide places for students of any nationality EXCEPT for white Europeans.

This means that Europeans must expend an unfair amount of resources and effort to obtain credentials, which do not go as far in the job market, again because of bias against them due to their color. Instead of giving jobs and scholarships to those who have earned them through their own hard work, merit or natural ability, regardless of color, jobs and other benefits are typically given to non- whites with lesser qualifications. Occasionally those who are married to non whites or who, though white themselves,  espouse liberal white- hating views also can materially benefit from the popularity of anti- white hatred.

By contrast, non- white people obtain scholarships they have not earned, and often do not even complete degrees statistically, and therefore do not even take advantage of these unfair opportunities.  However, it is not necessary for them to do so since they are given jobs regardless of lack of merit, or of hard work and in the absence of earned qualifications or natural ability as well, on a frequent basis, simply because they are not European. Sometimes those selected are not even capable of performing these jobs.

Here is a recent  example of the above.. a case in which a test for promotions amongst firefighters is being scraped because not enough minorities passed it.
The MACRO VIEW: Totally avoiding reason, fairness and honor by simply suggesting one is being “big”, when actually what one is being is a collaborator who simply cannot deal with the truth.
“Privileged”: This can be translated to “smarter” or “more motivated” usually. This is a mechanism by which a person who has a far higher IQ than what is now average and who is white, or whose parents worked hard or sacrificed for him is supposed to feel guilty for being smarter or harder working than someone who nature made less intelligent or capable,  as though it were wrong or evil to be hardworking, successful and responsible, but again, this is ONLY if one is a European. If a jew or a black receives a postion or honor through nepotism and anti-white hatred rather than merit, he or she is praised to the skies.
“Multicultural”: this is a euphemism for “multi-racial”. The process of Jewish orchestrated non- European immigration can, for example, be presented as being "enriching"  and not about replacing one race with other races and eliminating it, which is what it really is about.
All non- European immigration to primarily European countries that I have found thus far has been Jewish legislated or led. In Israel, by contrast, Africans are being sent to separate schools and deported because of their race.
“Neo Con” A jew who has succeeded in destroying a European society by being a liberal and has maneuvered himself into a position in which he wants goyim to go to war for Israel and therefore takes on a “conservative” aspect.

"Israel- Firster" This is a person of jewish ethnicity who considers his  first loyalty to be to Israel rather than the nation he was born in..a sort of ethnic, rather than national, partiotism if you will. An example is Jonathan Pollard, who was born in the United States and worked for the US government, but who used his security clearance to betray America's interests and people and steal more secrets than any other spy in history and give them to Israel. As far as I am aware, I am the first person ever to have used this term and I am *delighted* to see that it has spread.
“Level Playing Field”- Means “unlevel playing field” made artificially unequal to unfairly favor non- Europeans and discriminate against and eliminate non- Europeans.
“Scales needing to tip the other way”  The extraordinary jewish idea is promoted to small, helpless white children in school, including yours truly. It goes something like this...For some reason, after our people have been duped by the lies of communist jews and bankers into participating in a European genocide in which 60 million of our own people were killed,  we should somehow feel that we should pay even more tribute to the monsters who perpetrated these atrocities, then covered them up. By this reckoning we are supposed also to forget the Americans who died falsely for a lie too while helping to kill their brethern, instead of, for instance, arresting and trying the real criminals, seizing their assets, and carrying out just sentence.

As far as the Africans are concerned, who were brought to the shores of America, in every case, by a jewish- owned slave ship, we, who are in no way responsible and in fact freed the slaves, are falsely presented as the authors of the slave trade in Jewish- made movies. This is especially hypocritical when one considers the fact that at the present time, Israel is a world center for white sex slaverly, using Eastern European women and chlidren, and apparently no one could care less because of the ethnicity of the victims. 

In the interests of not being "racist" we also are  supposed to ignore the more than 90 percent white victims of interracial crime in America and the promotion and cover up of this crime in the jewish media. We are even supposed to be "tolerant" of the jewish- made pornography featuring white woman being abused by non-whites that is  used to incite crimes against European women. 
Activist: Generally a person who supports causes that help non- whites because this is considered fashionable. When a certain person who had made three albums on what is really happening in Palestine was told there was no such thing as anti- white crime and she disagreed, explaining that on 4 occasions blacks had held guns to her head, she was called a "racist", and even a "liar", and thrown out of an anti Zionist group.  Number of  times I have seen a non- white person who was even vaguely concerned about the Marxist Zionist led white genocide now occurring in South Africa? ZERO.
White Supremacism: Where everyone else grossly exaggerates the achievements of their race and lies about history in order to do so while at the same times doing eveything they can to diminish and even erase our history and achievements, even to the point of trying to remove mention of astronauts from scientific texts because they are of European ethnicity.. This is considered perfectly acceptable.. In fact, generally, a number of people who call themselves our people (falsely), join in with this sick effort. Any European who does not go along with this Jewish led European Hating Agenda is a “white supremacist” and a "Nazi" (see above), or a "Hater".
"Hater": Anyone who tells the truth.
The Truth: Hate.


What passes for an argument with those who HAVE no rational argument..

-Foul personal abuse (frequent). This often will include attacks which focus upon one's intelligence and one's appearance, or attempts to sexually degrade one (especially if one is a woman) . What is almost always conspicuously lacking is any specific rational or factual argument.
-Appeals to irrelevant credentials as a sort of false authority or suggesting that another person supposedly lacks experience or credentials.
-The use of jargon terms to make utter nonsense appear pseudo- intellectual
-The “I am a man or older or wiser than you” non- argument
-The “I know famous people” argument.
-"I saw it on the Talmud vision (jewish- controlled media)" At least this is amusing…
-The jewish “god” said so.


  1. Well tubby, Egypt is in Africa you know. We could as easily swap that picture you have up there with the pyramids, and then your argument would would amount to Sh!t, just like your brain. Academic, my a$$ - you're a 3rd rate passive aggressive bigot.

  2. No one has ever accused me of being "passive" aggressive before for obvious reasons and I would guess that since you call me "tubby" you are so yourself and trying to take it out upon someone. If you are of about the same level as Martin Bernal, a jew who wrote the book "Black Athena",that is sad. Actually Cleopatra, for example, was a Ptolemaic Greek. This is a matter of historical fact. Bernal's basis for saying that the European Greek Goddess, Athena, was black, was that he has seen Greek vases showing Athena with her skin dark but with European features. He was either lying or was not aware of the fact that Attic black figure pottery had added white for the skin, which sometimes does not last and is partially removed by time. The pyramids, which have no Egyptian carvings inside, have been geologically dated to a time approximately 10,000 years ago. As far as Egyptians being black Africans is concerned, this only happened at the very end of their civilization when they had been overrun.

  3. Deleted my comment because it made you look bad? Of course you would,tubby, because you and the likes of you are cowards to the bone. Skoll, you bigoted Biatch!

  4. Who is the coward? (-: Dozens of foul and sexually explicit comments by you but you don't dare use your name..

  5. You forgot Cartago, a city who become a menace to Rome. You forgot Egypt, "just" 5 thousand years of civilization. And the Ptolomaic disnaty are from Macedonia, not Greece.

    1. No, actually I did not forget any of these places, and the fact is that Macedonians were Nordic Greeks, Carthaginians were also white, as were the most ancient Egyptians very obviously. It is only in the very latest dynasties in which the Egypt became completely overrun and mixed by and with Africans and their civilization died shortly very thereafter. In ancient times, the original civilization was undoubtedly Nordic as well although there had been race mixing at some point that was less extreme than that in the last dynasties, and there also was the habit of marking out the name of predecessors and replacing them with one's own name, on monuments that more ancient Egyptians had built. The Ptolemaic Greeks who ruled for a time were completely Caucasian. Perhaps you do not realize that the modern Greeks, who were overwhelmed by Semitic Turks, were originally Caucasian, most especially the Macedonians.

  6. Here is a Carthaginian coin.