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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

J.T. Ready...Murder, and a Message.

Photo given me by Miquel Marqueda

The date of this Paper is the 2nd of September, 1939. If you look carefully you will see, just above the title of the article, the words "Britian First"..Stangely enough, before I ever saw this newspaper, when I knew only a fraction of the truth, I made a facebook group called "America First".
In it, I used to talk about "Israeli Firsters", referring to people who wanted to callously use America, its resources, and the very lives of its people as cannon fodder in order to advance Israel. How little I knew then, about just how serious the problem really is and has been, and how much more I have to learn...
I created this group, America First, after an incident in which several hundred "Americans" attacked me online on Independance Day, and some even gave me death threats. They did this simply because I had said that invading the sovereign Kingdom of Jordan so Israel could expand its borders was not only morally wrong, but not in the interests of the United States of America.
A man I know, or used to know, used this name, "America First" in a video interview and sent me the video afterwards to show me and say thank you. This man is now dead, murdered and demonized by Zionist Jews and their collaborators. He said he feared they would kill him, and he was right.
His name was J.T. Ready and he was an intelligent, motivated man who certainly did not kill himself. He had once worked for the Zionists,  but when he saw what they really were he decided to work against them instead. J.T.Ready changed his dogtags shortly before he was killed to read "Odinist".
Here is the video he sent me.
The last time I spoke to him, J.T. Ready gave me to understand that those of us "domestic terrorists" who spoke out against the unconsitutional, criminal Zionist take-over of our country and media, and who were against such things as placing foreign dual Israeli citizens in our government for example, had been identified and put on a list, especially those who were considered leaders. If I am ever accused of being a deranged Nazi murder-suicide killer and cannot say anything because I am dead, bear this in mind. (-; According to J.T. Ready, I am on the list too.
How very strange that English people wrote those words, "Britian First" in the face of Jewish tryanny, so long ago... but it is not a coincidence. They knew. If only people had seen, and had listened, then I would not have had to write the words "America First" these many years later and we would not be in this predicament. Now not just Germany, Russia, England, Palestine and America have the same problem... but the entire world. If no one listens soon, and if we all do not take strong action in every way we can to reverse what has happened, soon there will be no one left to write. 

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