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Saturday, December 1, 2012

See the Blazing Yule....

In the Jura mountains, Sir James Frazier documented a Yule log ceremony in the canton of  Bern in which a French song was sung in association with the Yule log.
"May the log burn
May all good come in
May the women have children, the sheep lambs!
White bread for everyone and a vat full of wine!”
There are other permutations of these songs including phrases such as…
"May the wheel turn
May evil spurn
May the Sun return"
Until recently, there were a few surviving traditional community Yule log lighting ceremonies, even in America, and these also preserved parts of our ancient European traditions,  but they were banned by various Semitic organizations, which seem never to tire of trying to wipe out European culture.. Nevertheless, the very act of caroling itself, which is our ancient custom, and songs like “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” remind of the real Yule with their lines, such as “See the blazing yule before us”!
Since the very earliest times, fires provided safety from wild beasts, a means of cooking and seeing in darkness… and in a very real sense, served as an extension of the Sun on Earth, even in the darkest night. For this reason they are associated with knowledge, truth and  joy. Traditionally made of a very hard, large, thick pillar of wood that could  burn for all 12 days of the Jul Feast, the Yule Log must always have been considered a special gift of the Gods. The great fire of the Yule log imparts the spirit  and sacred essence of the tree it is made from, as do the  evergreen branches, holly, ivy and  mistletoe, which have been carefully gathered and hung to bless homes and temples by our folk since time immemorial at this holy season of year.
The great blazing tree symbolizes the burning sun,  the spirit of good will and mirth, and the  imminent return of brighter days. It not only provided warmth and light for revelers, but was thought to have magical properties,  so much so that even when the dark days of Christianity came, part of the Yule Log still was saved all year long as a protective talisman and used to light the next year’s fire. These sacred evergreen plants had great significance and everything found on an oak tree was considered a gift from the Divine Ones.  Even when warring Viking armies who met under an oak  with the holy mistletoe in its branches the battle would refrain from battle for the remainder of that day.
In old England, the Yule Log was  doused in cider or ale and decorated with holly or evergreens and ribbons and this can still be done. Those who are currently unable to burn a giant log sometimes drill candle or tea light holders into a smaller one. Some kindred  sing heathen songs in darkness while the log is burning and contemplate the coming year or, just as our ancestors did, fling sprigs of dried holly and then oak twigs into the fire, these last branches symbolizing the waxing of the Sun, while shouting wishes for the new year.  
There is also a tradition of making a Jul log cake or Bûche de Noël.. For more on this see the upcoming edition of the Odinist Journal FoxFire.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When Freedom Lived....

From the point of view of parallel history, it is interesting to note that Patrick Henry gave a speech that in some ways mirrors the situation in the United States, and many other countries, which are, in effect, being taxed by a foreign nation and by a connected resident criminal tribe, which together form a worldwide zionist mafia, in which citizens have no representation, but only the appearance of it.

Corrupt officials and this ethnically cohesive criminal tribe are acting in direct violation of our Constitution and treason laws, and these treasonous acts are done without the consent of citizens. Because of the Zionist media ownership, these crimes are often carried out without their knowledge too, for example the attack on the USS Liberty and the collusion of President Johnson with it, or the formation of the illegal unconstitutional private federal reserve bank, which commits fraud. This is a world- wide problem that many other countries suffer from as well. since only 3 nations do not have zionist owned central banks feeding off of them .

In pre- revolutionary war America, colonial parliaments had the right to impose taxes on American citizens, but citizens were being taxed without representation. The situation is far worse now. We are taxed, or one might even say “owned” and used by Israel, and even fight wars for their national interest, not ours, but we have no true representation or choice. We are, in fact, slaves, not free people. In the past, one owned ones property outright and did not pay income tax. Now we are in effect leasing what we own from the zionist controlled government ,and far worse is planned with “Agenda 21”.

The solution to this is for the world to regain sanity and common sense, and to hold the criminals accountable for their actions. In America, for example, lobbying in any form should be outlawed, foreign aid and the fraudulent unconstitutional and criminal federal reserve should be abolished, and the criminals themselves should be held responsible for the private bank debt. Our borders, rather than Israel's, should be protected.

Back to historical parallels….on May 30, 1765, in order to protest the Stamp Act, Patrick Henry gave his maiden speech in the assembly and defended his resolutions. He expanded the scope of his criticism to include not only Parliament, but the king as well. Speaking of George III, he said…

“Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell and George the Third — .” At that point he was interrupted by cries of “Treason!” …Henry paused briefly, then calmly finished his sentence: “...may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it.”

Friday, November 9, 2012

Agenda 21... The Zio- U.N.'s "Soylent Green" Planet Plan

"Agenda 21 Trojan Horse" Illustration: David Dees

I suggest that eveyone look at this, at least the short videos..
Remember that in the past we did not have the Federal Reserve or even income tax. We also had almost no crime by comparison and almost no non-European immigration, two things that are not un-related. Now there is a far more serious danger. The United Nations has implemented Agenda 21.

This is a nightmare. What it means in brief, is that the vast majority of people on earth become serfs with no property rights. We are already being systematically poisoned by fluoride, and this also is not accidental. If these maniacs prevail, it means that you not only cannot garden as you like on your own land, or own food and seeds, but you cannot OWN land, or even own the rain water that falls on your own in collecting drinking water in a rain barrel. This is already illegal in some states in the US.

You also will not be allowed to raise your own children if you have any. The Zionist Government would be in charge. Like Climate Gate, this is zionist world government fraud disguised as environmentalism only in this case, your life and freedom are at stake too. And yes, they do want to own the air too... and not because they want it to be clean, but because they want to sell it. (as in the carbon credit scam)

This has been an open secret up until now...not hidden, but kept quiet in the zionist media. After the recent election, where people actually voted for EITHER Obama or Romney despite them both being funded by the same zionist corporations, I would guess they are stepping things up because they think that the sheeple are so far gone that they will go for anything, and perhaps they are correct. Now there are commericals which are OPENLY advocating Agenda 21 and they are aimed at older people..It is the film "Soylent Green" come to life...

Here are a couple short videos on it.

Here is a longer one... I have not watched all of this one myself yet.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The World Begins to Awaken...(-;

Hail Svoboda, the Ukrainian party for Europeans, not Semites!
First Iceland... (…
then the Golden Dawn of Greece, and now the Ukraine!!!

Despite actually daring to support their own culture openly, Svoboda did so well in the elections that “West” is demanding a re-vote!. (-;

What business is it of theirs if Ukrainians want to have the freedom to vote in their own country and preserve their own culture?

It is rather like Barbara Spectre who supports Israel's hatred of all non -jews and at the same time demands that the Swedes “multiculturalize” themselves out of existence or be called 'anti-semites".

Svoboda means FREEDOM. (-;

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ZOG Computer Censorship Games..

Mossad-ZOG T-Shirt
If you try to post anything on facebook that zionists do not like, you may find that you are unable to post it, or that it does not show up in the newsfeed. Recently, I tried to post the website of a native European religious organization, a website I had constructed myself. Even though this was the very first time I had posted this newly created website, it was automatically labeled as spam, even though I posted it on my own page!

After this first posting, it stopped working entirely, and then alternated between forcing one to type in numbers every time one posted, and not allowing it to be posted at all. When I made another site, with the same name, the name of a European religious Odinist organization, in it, this site also was banned automatically. When others tried to post they had the same results. I later found my sites were also banned even in the text of a private picture viewable only to me on another site and labelled as "spam" or "abusive and threatening".
Considering that the text on the private picture was about Erik the Red and the Sagas, it was hardly "abusive"...This means the NAME of our religious organization itelf was banned. Think about the implications of the abuse of the anti-spamming laws...funny because ZOG and its police force in no way police real spam, or even death threats, at least not when threats are made against Europeans. I can personally attest to this.
The first time I witnessed this sort of ZOG computer control on facebook was when a veteran whose house was being foreclosed upon posted a thought- provoking picture. It could not fail to highlight the fact that Americans are used by ZOG as cannon fodder in Middle Eastern wars for Israhell, and that we are bankrupting our country for Israel too, and being fed off of by the jewish owned criminal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve.
This veteran, who was of European heritage, probably had no idea what he was really fighting for at first, received no gratitude for his service, or even equal job opportunities, and was losing his house at the hands of these same jewish banskters. The post was very popular and whenever anyone, not just me, tried to share it, one would get a threatening message from facebook saying that one could be banned for "spamming" and asking "Do you really want to post this"?

Here is a more recent picture, touching upon the same theme.

The traitors in the picture above need "the Iceland treatment", only more intense I think. This man may be a veteran too... One is supposed to fight and risk ones life for the zionists so that Israhell can get more land, then be the victim of their Federal Reserve scam, not get jobs if one is white, lose one's house, then be threatened and maybe even go to prison and be abused by the ilegal aliens and non European immigrants that zionist made anti-European immigration laws brought here....what a place...By contrast, Iceland is trying to save its people...
Here is another post I made just this morning, with the picture at the top of this post accompanying it. This post did not make it into the newsfeed on facebook for some strange reason.
"You may have heard of the infamous IDF t-shirts and their captions such as "one shot two kills" about killing pregnant women (who were not jewish of course); and "the smaller the harder" IDF t-shirt about killing gentile babies ( babies make a smaller more difficult target hence the slogan); or the shirt with the picture of the dead gentile baby encaptioned "better use durex'.

I have a look at the ZOG traitors occasionally, and this morning I found a new one...something that no one should ever give me as a present. Here is the latest Mossad t- shirt, glorifying jewish ZOG surveillance and social terrorism of civillians. In case you think this is a joke, here is the link for this shirt..."

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Mysteries of Nerthus...

The ritual of the Earth Goddess Nerthus, who may originally have been the consort or twin of Njörðr the Ocean God, and the mother of Frey and Freyja, is of the ancient Vanir tradition. This  fertility festival was celebrated throughout Northern Europe by Nordic and Germanic tribes, and in another form, in ancient Greece, both of which presumably were derived from a ritual of even greater antiquity.

The major source for this festival is Tacitus, who tells an enigmatic tale of how the Goddess’s spirit is embodied within a sacred chariot, covered by a cloth and hidden by it.  Either the Goddess herself, or her image, is placed in a chariot drawn by white heifers, and together they make a ritual procession. When the Goddess retires from the view of the common mortals, she returns to a sacred grove on a remote island in the sea where she resides in a temple. At this place, Nerthus and her chariot and the cloth or veil are bathed by servants, who are then drowned as sacrifices to her so they cannot reveal the awe inspiring secrets of the mysteries that they have witnessed.

As in the Makahiki festival in Hawaii, which may faintly echo ancient European festivals in Asia too, since Europeans were present there in Northern China 1000 years before the ethnic Chinese, no war is permitted during this time. In Northern Europe all weapons were stored away and hospitality embraced, as was also the custom during the ancient Greek Olympics. I suggest that the putting away of the iron weapons  mentioned by Tacitus may be part of  the origin of the later superstition that witches could be warded off with iron.. It may also refer to the magical abilities  of amulets.

During the Dark Ages, our Divine Ones were demonized by christians and their wisdom and power temporarily obscured from view.  They have been presented as caricatures of themselves and objects of evil or fear by fanatics who have bowed down to the oppression of semitic cults. Now as the willful ignorance of christianity and its false gods is ending, the true nature and beauty of our Gods are revealed again. 

Zeus and Hera by Carracci

Nerthus is a fertility Goddess, and more. I believe her ritual is paralleled in the festival of the Greek Goddess Hera, whose cult image was also carried in honor by a chariot decorated with draperies and pulled by white heifers. In Hera’s procession there is also a sacrifice, and also a ritual bath to restore her virginity, which Hera takes before renewing her marriage to Zeus. Bathing in cold scared springs was believed to increase fertility in Nordic lands, and indeed, this is scientifically accurate, since bathing in water in very low temperatures is known to regularize and enhance hormones necessary for conception.

There are also aspects of Persephone and other chthonic deities which may be related to Nerthus.  The Earth Goddess, who is also the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone, joins her husband in the Netherworld in autumn, and renews her marriage as well. The earth lies fallow in her absence, awaiting her return. I think it is appropriate for Odinists to celebrate the Nerthus Festival again, at this time of year especially.

Above: An ancient Greek  relief that is commonly thought to be Aphrodite Anadyomene, who is born of the sea foam, but which I think may actually depict the ritual bath before the sacred marriage. 



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hail the Vetrablót!

Close-up of the Three Graces, from "Primavera" by Botticelli
This night, the New Moon and one of the darkest nights of the year, we are celebrating the Vetrablót, in honor of the Dísir, the Valkyries and Freyja, and our female a

As the veil becomes thin and we can better hear the whispering wind and the messages it brings us. Remember that our faith and unity with those who are truly of our tribe, will give us the light we need to see clearly, even in one of the darkest times of history.

May these protective spirits of the Norse clans ensure us a good harvest, fertility and a successful battle against our enemies for victory and freedom!


In addition to outrageously biased, racist admissions percentages (50 % of Harvard's student body is drawn from about 5 % of the U.S. population," i.e., Jews and Asians) and a total lack of scholarships for anyone who is not a "minority" now Harvard has a journal called "Race Traitor" dedicated to the annihilation of the European Race.

This Harvard publication was made by Noel Ignatiev... the son of Russian Jewish immigrants. You know I could have told you that without looking it up! His "academic" journal "Race Traitor", has as its motto, "treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity."

Noel Ignatiev...... a Marxist activist and a big fan of Lenin (also jewish) too. In 1985 he was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of "Education" WITHOUT A BACHELORS DEGREE. One wonders if a non- Marxist European, or any non jew, has ever been allowed to go straight to one's Master's degree without any undergraduate work...Amazing...

The journal's stated purpose is "to abolish the white race".
Here is a quote from this Harvard Professor about how great genocide of whites is:

“The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists…Keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

It's rather funny because Ignatiev was NOT fired for advocating abolishing the white race of course, however, apparently, he did get into trouble eventually and had to leave because he protested the buying of a kosher toaster oven with general funds and also because he gave a definition of Zionism "god's chosen people" did not like.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Discoverers...In Honor of Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson!

Today, October 9th, is Leif Eriksson's Day, publically declared a holiday in 1929. Yesterday was our Day of Remembrance for his father, Erik the Red!! (-; , whose fiery hair and spirit of adventure gave him his name. Erik the Red is credited in the sagas with the discovery of Greenland and the making of the first Norse settlement there. His son,  Leif Erikson, discovered Vinland (America) hundreds of years before Colombus was born.
Leif Erikson's Vinland colony site with Viking artifacts, including advanced metalwork (a technology unknown to the local Indians), still can be seen at L'Anse aux Meadows on the northern tip of Newfoundland. It is an interesting story. (see saga link just below)

Let's all say Skål for the Red Beard and his son Leif the Lucky!

More good news...Today our facebook page, Odinia International, reached 500 feel free to celebrate that with us too..!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Freyja Hof's Autumnal Equinox Altar

Archibald MacLeish, from "Ars Poetica" (1926)

A poem should be motionless in time
As the moon climbs,
Leaving, as the moon releases,

Twig by twig the night-entangled trees,

Leaving, as the moon behind the winter leaves,
Memory by memory the mind
A poem should be motionless in time
As the moon climbs.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Latest Unconstitutional Anti- European Bias at Kilauea Military Camp and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A close up of the giant offical park event poster prominently displayed at this very moment outside the Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park Visitor Center Front Door

 Still no response from the National Park Service:

-Jon Jarvis
-Christine Lehnertz
-Cindy Orlando

Dear Ms. Sousa, Mr. Jarvis, Ms. Orlando, and Ms. Lehnertz,

 I was told by Ms. Sousa that it was too difficult for you to “analyze” a website entry which was high contrast light on dark and which strangely even I, who am legally blind without correction can easily see. She also “ could not see” the giant oversized photograph on the link I sent, so I am enclosing the photograph as an attachment and pasting the contents of the website blog just sent  in a previous message, yet again, into this email.

Ms. Sousa says that this is why no one has responded to my previous email for months…because none of you could “see” it. . This is odd since obviously the correspondence below, for example originally sent to Ms. Cindy Orlando, was in email form and she also was sent the photograph. In case Ms. Orlando could not “see” the photograph, all she would have to do is look at the giant oversized park bulletin that was outside the visitor center where she has her offices.

I also have all of the original email correspondence and this has been forwarded to more than one individual. I have yet to receive a response  in regard to the civil rights violations by Hawaii Volcanos National Park by any Park administrator. There is detailed information both about our very serious concerns of anti- European bias towards both our religion and race and and about the facts of this case below. There are also other letters that express this concern. Please acknowledge receipt of this and the other emails sent.

Update to Previous Entry Below:

Here is and example of just how much respect the government has for European religion and our right to practice our native religion and here are the people involved.

-----Original Message-----

From: Bomier, Susan E CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US) []

Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 10:38 AM

Cc: LeBrun, Richard Mr. CIV USA IMCOM-AFRC Hale Koa Hotel; Reilly, Lawrence L Jr CIV (US); Randy Hart; Deatrick, Craig L CIV (US); Fleming, Gregory R CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US); Mueller, Peter L COL USARMY (US); Folger, Walter J CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US); McDonough, Alison W NAF (US); Otoole, Roleen F NAF (US); Falls, David Mr. CIV USA IMCOM-AFRC Hale Koa Hotel; Bruce Taylor;

Subject: Correspondence with the U.S. Army (UNCLASSIFIED)


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE


Dear Ms. Fenner,


Your concerns about the former chapel at the Kilauea Military Camp have been brought to my attention.  Please direct any future correspondence concerning

the former chapel to this office only.  


I will appreciate your cooperation with this request.



Susan Bomier



Susan E. Bomier

Region Counsel

IMCOM Pacific Region

Fort Shafter, Hawaii


Dear Ms. Bomier,

On what basis do you make such a request? With only a couple exceptions, the correspondence I have received, when I have received any, has been condescending and evasive and lacking in even the most basic common courtesy.

In what way have you dealt with this issue? None of you have any right to engage in or cooperate with institutionalized anti-European racism and discrimination against native European religion. You and your colleagues are answerable to the public and not the other way around.

I would like a timely response that is relevant to the concerns I have raised. It is time for substantive action. Serious violations of regulations have occurred. If you have no comment to make, you are welcome to say that too. Be aware that this will be published. Thank you.

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg


Original Entry:

Here is a copy of an email I just sent regarding the issue of anti European hatred and discrimination in government facilites against those of the European religion and race.

Dear Ms. Orlando and Mr. Hart and Colonel Mueller ,

There recently have been extremely unprofessional, immoral and illegal acts  or I would even say a racist campaign waged against those of European ethnicity and religion, actions which KMC, the US ARMY and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park have all either initiated or colluded with. The purpose of this campaign has been to wipe out European religion and culture from those choices that are offered through ongoing exclusion and harassment and this pattern has continued for many months now.  I have some questions for each of you.

If you will remember, I received the following almost unbelievably biased email from KMC Management. Please note the sections outlined in red:

From: Denise Miller [] On Behalf Of Groups

Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012 7:30 AM

To: Seana Fenner

Cc: Groups

Subject: Scandinavian Services



              We are delighted  to let you use our facilities for your services.  Here are a few things you need to do---

1.  Since we book 1 year out and KMC is a self supporting entity if someone wants to use our chapel and pay for its use, you will not be able to use it that day.  We would like you to check with us every 2 weeks and we can let you know if the chapel will be available.  Please e-mail to this e-mail address.

2.  Currently the only date that is not available is May 19th as we have a church retreat here that has it reserved.  And of course December 24th for Volcano Chorus.

3.  Chapel must be left as it is found.  If the chapel is dirty we will charge a $25.00 cleaning fee

4.  Since you are not a 501c  and  because we are a government entity, you may not charge for your services

5.  If it is known you are charging for services the use of the chapel will be terminated.

If you have any issues with these rules, please do not hesitate to contact us.

               Mahalo, denise


Denise Miller

Director of Groups




1) I would like to know how it is even remotely possible that Christian services were allowed to continue after it was officially discovered by you, and your colleague, that Catholic and Protestant clergy were taking donations from visitors against army policy? It is clear also that KMC Management was aware of this and has been for many years and yet they still sent the email above.  We never took a single donation and were threatened and insulted, while Semitic religion services have been allowed to collect donations openly, and even have envelopes printed up for that  purpose and appointed treasurers, and offering dishes of  various kinds are openly displayed. One has to wonder why they were allowed to do so openly, against regulations, and to continue to have services after this violation was discovered. As the US Army Chaplain, do you have an answer for me, Colonel Mueller?

Denise Millar of KMC Management sent us racially and religiously biased emails repeatedly, intruded upon our services under false pretenses with the collusion of two fake congregants, and has now openly promoted a plan of “getting rid” of the Odinist services after the chapel is decommissioned by the expedient of requiring insurance, which she thinks the Protestants and Catholics can come up with but which the “skinhead psychopaths” (by this she actually meant us) could not. Denise Miller also informed callers that there were no services on Memorial Day when they asked, when in fact there was an Odinist Memorial Service that day, something she was well aware of because she did the scheduling. She went out of her way to mention there were Christian and Protestant services the following Sunday of course.  Her supervisor, Marc Swanson was aware of her actions as well and so have you been Mr. Hart for quite some time.


2) Have you any explanation, Mr. Hart, for why, in the face of such seriously racial and religiously biased behavior as this, these two people, Marc Swanson and Denise Miller, have been allowed to continue unchecked in waging this war on European people and our religion? Why are they even still employed?


3) It also begs the question of why in light of the extremely racist and religiously biased behavior and willful and knowing defiance of army regulations  and federal law exhibited by KMC management, the lease holders are allowed to continue to lease this property from the US Army?  This is for Colonel Mueller and his superior officer Antonio J. McElroy, who has not had the courtesy to reply to me yet about whether the public is to have some way to protest or have any input in the idea of suddenly getting the chapel “off the books” of the US Army and giving it over to the people above to manage it. Such a action would, on the face of it, appear to be a highly inappropriate decision in light of their behavior.  After all, this facility which costs virtually nothing to maintain and has volunteers giving services, does belong to the public, not to those who are caretakers of the property for them. The highest, best use of a religious building is religious services.


KMC Management omitted mention of our European Odinist services while at the same time promoting Middle Eastern religious services.  Despite having promised to advertise our Memorial Day Odinist service, as was done automatically with all the Christian Memorial Day services in the past without question, this was not done. In regard to the advertising issue, we still have received no explanation for this outrageous act of anti European bias and not even an apology. Now there  has been advertisement of KMC religious services, Christian ones ONLY, in the National Park itself as well,  despite the park superintendent, Cindy Orlando’s,  express statement that this was NEVER done, in capital letters.


From: Seana Fenner []

Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 12:35 PM


Subject: FW: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC

Dear Chaplain Colonel Mueller,


I want to thank you again for your message. I have been hoping that the man you thought could help, Mr. Hart, would contact me, or that the situation would improve, but I am quite distressed at the turn things have taken. The pattern of discrimination and actual harassment  has become even worse since we last communicated several months ago. Mr. Hart has never gotten in touch with me, so I am writing you again in hopes that something can be done.


In the email below, as you can see, our Memorial Day services were not advertised, as every Christian Memorial Day service has been, and as KMC management agreed to do. This last week, I have been asked, yet again, to re-schedule or “cancel” (!) the same service for a Christian event that is not even a religious service when my regular Odinist religious service had previously been scheduled at that time. As a gesture of good will I had complied once with rescheduling this service despite it being very inconvenient. . I was even told at one point  to check every couple weeks to see if I could have my services or not, and I have explained to KMC a number of times how disruptive this is to both me and my congregants, and yet I have continued to receive these requests on a frequent basis.


I also have received a number of telephone calls from both Mr. Swanson and Denise Miller despite my expressly and repeatedly stating, politely, that I prefer to communicate by email.  Christians have never been asked to reschedule their services, or to “check in” to find out if they can have their services or not. There also have been several incidents of disrespectful disruptions during services by HVNP and KMC employees who obviously were sent purposely by management to do so. One woman, wearing a KMC uniform under her jacket, actually conducted an inspection in which she looked behind my altar. Afterwards, a man who identified himself as a park employee, came in during my Rede (sermon), and demanded to know what Odinism was, what my credentials were, and what the symbolism of the rune on a slide was in a manner that can only be described as highly disrespectful. 


At this point, I have no other option but to take this very seriously and I appreciate any help or advice you can give.


Thank you.


With best regards and aloha,


Seana Fenner von Fenneberg


From: Seana Fenner []

Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 11:41 AM

To: 'Arlene Bali';

Subject: RE: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC


Dear Ms. Bali and Mr. Swanson,


Why has our Odinist Memorial Day Service not been advertised in conjunction with the other Memorial Day events on your flyer as promised? (please see email just below). As I pointed out previously, every single Christian Memorial Day Service has been advertised as part of the Memorial Day events on your flyer, and you agreed to do the same with our Memorial Day service, yet our service is not even listed on the calendar.


The intent would actually seem to be to denigrate and exclude our religion and this seems especially odd since the honoring of those fallen in battle is arguably considered far more important for us than for Christians. Are you aware that this is not equal treatment?


This situation has become very serious. There have been a number of other such incidents, such as openly disrespectful, impolite or insulting emails from KMC employees. For example, Rick Frasier, your web technician, actually ridiculed our religion and the faith of fallen Odinist servicemen, which you are aware of, Mr. Swanson, since this email was copied to you by him. Most recently, I have been asked to reschedule an upcoming service TWICE, or to cancel it,  while Christian ministers have, to my certain knowledge, never once in the entire history of their use of the chapel been asked to do so.


A great deal of time in which our services could have been advertised has been lost already since the month of May is already half over. Is anything going to be done to redress this situation? Thank you.




Seana Fenner von Fenneberg



From: Arlene Bali []

Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:51 AM

To: Seana Fenner

Cc: Marc Swanson; Elene Rizzo-Kuhn; Harriet Knox

Subject: RE: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC


Aloha Ms. Fenner,


Thank you. Yes, we will do the same.




From: Seana Fenner []

Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:37 AM

To: Arlene Bali

Cc: Marc Swanson

Subject: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC


Dear Ms. Bali,


That sounds like a good idea. Thank you.


One other thing, which I think I mentioned below. Will you be listing and featuring our Memorial Day service as part of your activities, and any other services that fall on holidays, as you always have done with the Christian ones?  We would appreciate it.


Thank you again.


With best regards and aloha,


Seana Fenner



I sent the email below with a CC to you Ms. Orlando, and below this I am including your reply. This was about the, yet again, anti- European and disrespectful and discriminatory behavior of the staff and your reply assured me that there was no discrimination despite the fact that there is, and that you only advertised events that were “sponsored” by the park, which is not the case. I noticed that after this the online park schedule actually went down. It’s rather strange how that happens isn’t it? When one asks for equal advertising, equal treatment and equal access, suddenly online calendars disappear and buildings are closed down.




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Dear Kay Molhoek,


You do advertise cultural events that are held at KMC which are Hawaiian, such as the Hawaiian Cultural Festival and there is no difference, apart from the culture in question being European.


Some of the events you advertise involve chanting on the edge of the crater to Pele and you even have a poster in which a Hawaiian Kapuna talks about the religious sacredness of the Park site, all paid for with governmental funds. Our event is one which includes the opportunity for the public to be handfasted and is free and open to the public and would be of benefit to the public who, after all, owns the park. There is no legal basis or moral justification for the park to embrace and promote one culture and religion and exclude another. It is a federal entity. To do so would be overt anti-European racism.


Presumably Mr. Geiger would have known all the rules for listing events and yet he never indicated that there would be any problem with listing the event on the 30th January 2012, and never replied to my email. I doubt that a Hawaiian religious leader's efforts to share a cultural event would be treated in such and offhand and disrespectful manner.


If anyone wishes to discuss this further you are welcome to telephone me. I hope the park will reconsider this stance. Thank you for your assistance.


Thank you.


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Seana Fenner

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Aloha Seana,


You appear to have a number of misconceptions about what our web site is for.


First let me tell you that we do not advertise any events in the park that are not NPS sponsered events.  We do provide links to partner sites in which they may have events listed.

Second, our cultural events are NPS programs and not government funded but funded by grants, including the cultural festival at KMC.

Third, a cultural practicioner is NEVER advertised.


Therefore your event appears to be advertised by KMC. Wishing you success.




Cindy Orlando


Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

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It would seem that I am not, after all, mistaken about the Park’s “policy” towards advertising religious events, or at least your violation of federal regulations concerning them. Please see attached picture showing a close-up of the official extra large Park event poster prominently displayed outside the front of the HVNP Visitor Center at the present time. You will note that it advertises religious services at KMC not cultural and religious services, not park “sponsored” events, not cultural and religious events, but solely religious Semitic religious services,  ONLY the Christian ones, both Protestant and Catholic are listed, but, yet again, NOT the Odinist services which are conspicuously left out. It even says that the Christian services  are available until October 1st 2012.


You are very well aware of our services, and in fact have been made aware that we wished to have cultural religious events advertised in the past, that is to say events which were not solely religious but which had a cultural component too as can be seen in pasted information from the email  above. I never asked that my solely religious services themselves be advertised, only one particular European cultural and religious festival in which hand-fastings were offered to the public by pre-arrangement free of charge.  I merely requested that this event be  included on your online calendar. I was not replied to on numerous occasions  and when I was, I was treated rudely and then lied to. Now there is open flaunting of unconstitutional discrimination against  those of the European race and faith.



4) What is your explanation for the above, Ms. Orlando? I, the other Odinists and Europeans and the entire community would like to know.




Seana Fenner von Fenneberg

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