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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Opium Proxy-Profit Wars, Jewish, Not "English"

A lot of people do not know that African slavery was not "Dutch", that the Opium Wars were not "English" and that Communism was not "Russian". All were Jewish. 
The truth about the Opium Wars...


We currently have a situation in which many people, even very young pre-teens, destroy their own lives through habitual drug use. This is portrayed as being exotic sometimes, but actually it is very sad. The people who engage in these self- destructive behaviors are often trying to escape from something…loneliness, pain, and in the case of Europeans at least, extreme bias against us in the job market, the work place and everywhere else. We do , after all, live in a sick society and it is hard not to be effected by it, in one way or another..
Fortunately Odinists usually remember  that it is important to face things in so far as we are able to, and deal with problems and find solutions, no matter how bad the situation may be. One might fail, but to not try ensures failure. We do not believe that the meek will inherit the earth…We need to strive to be healthy and vigorous and to escape every single arrow the enemy throws our way.
A very fine video on the subject of how Jews used drugs to destroy China and used England to fight their wars and how they profited through all of this was removed on copyright grounds.. again…This is a favorite tactic of Israel. However, I have given much the same information here. This is a fascinating subject and one everyone needs to know about it because it is relevant to us all. The source for much of this general information is the Jewish Encyclopedia.
If you know much about opium, and I confess I did not, it causes extreme addiction in the person who uses it and causes one to enter into a comatose state for hours on end. Withdrawal symptoms for those who want to escape its influence are also of an extreme nature, including vomiting, other digestive disturbances, terrible pain in the head or limbs, and even death.. To say that it has caused untold agony to millions would be an understatement.
Saleh Sassoon, a jewish banker, managed to install himself as court treasurer to the governor of Bagdad, Ahmet Pasha. His son, David Sassoon, was born in Iran. In 1829, When Ahmet Pasha was overthrown by a corrupt government, the Sassoons  then travelled to Bombay, India, which was on the trade route to the interior of India and the Far East.   Sassoon prevailed upon the British government to grant him a monopoly on the manufacture of certain  items, such as cotton, silk and opium.  The primary base of this operation was in Canton, China. Sassson and his 8 sons, spread this the opium trade throughout Asia, employing only other jews, and even importing whole families of jews for this purpose and building synagogues and jewish schools for them as he went.
It is a little known fact that there was a large Jewish espionage and drug ring in the US as well, and this is is not much known because it has been almost entirely covered up by the jewish owned media. It may be the subject of another entry here at some point.
The reason for the traditional jewish concentration on the slave trade, including sex slavery using white women and children in Israel, banking that involves usury against non- Jews, other organized crime, and drug dealing is partially a pseudo- religious one.  From the jewish perspective, Jews are not supposed to engage in ordinary labour,  or any sort of manual labour… that is for gentiles. The same goes for the fighting of wars for Israel. We non- jews are supposed to be used as cannon fodder for jewish interests, but jews aren’t. Here is an interesting short clip which highlights this semitic notion.

“I shall lead you to the land of your fathers and give you large and beautiful cities that you did not build, and houses full of things that you did not gather, and fallen trees that you did not cut, vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant, and you will eat and be satisfied (Deuteronomy 6:10ff.) See also:

Meanwhile, in China, Sassoon and his tribe managed to sell 18, 956 chests full of  this poisonous drug to the people of Asia between 1930 and 1931 alone.. making many millions in dollars in profit .  Although it was not their initiative, part of this money was shared with the British government for having granted the monopoly.
In 1839, after 10 years of his country being laid waste to by the jews in this fashion,  the Manchu Emperor, having become aware of the destruction the deadly drug was causing his people, ordered that the opium trade must be halted and made it illegal. He asked the  Commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse –Hsu, to initiate a campaign against it.  Lin Tse –Hsu correspondingly seized 2,000 chests of opium and had it thrown into a river.
The jewish response to this was fairly typical (for them). An outraged Sassoon demanded that the goyim he had bought off with bribes in the British government retaliate against China because they  had destroyed some of his profits in trying to actually defend themselves and their people from jewish attack. Thus  began the “Opium Wars” which might better be termed, “even more wars for jews”.The goyim slaves of the British Army were used to attack the Chinese, blockade their ports and destroy their cities, and of course,  British soldiers died too, all for the profit of the Sassoons. This should sound very familiar to you.
In the same year, after heavy losses to the Chinese, many of  whose military men had already been decimated by the ravages of opium,  the Treaty of Nanking was signed. It  included degrading provisions that ensured that the Sassoons would be allowed to destroy the entire population of China  with opium if they wished without further interference, and that the Chinese should repay the English for the cost of waging war against them (for the jews) and also forced them to pay back the Sassoons for the cost of the dumped opium.  The cost of the war, 21 million pounds, was a staggering sum at the time.
Having been granted the monopoly rights for opium trade in Chinese ports, the jews now demanded the same rights in the rest of China and the Manchu resisted, whereupon the Sassoons orchestrated another jewish proxy- profit war. The British Army and people were used by them again until uninterrupted jewish opium trade throughout China was guaranteed in 1860. Jewish opium dens spread, with no one but Jews employed in them, and the Sassoons soon became the richest jews on the planet. The destruction of China  and deaths of British men, who were only goyim, was just a small detail.
Soloman Sassoon married Alin Rothschild in 1887 thus consolidating  jewish wealth even more.  All 14 of David Sassoon’s grandsons were made officers in another Jewish orchestrated war, WWI, and were therefore able to avoid combat while more Europeans died. The corrupt and jewish infiltrated British government collaborated with this and gave these jewish mass murderers titles. They then were better able to help instigate WWII. At this time the United States is fighting a series of wars, again for Jewish interests, in the Middle East.


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