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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Semitic Hatred of Women..

Lilith...such a good example of Abrahamic hatred of women. To this day it is a seemingly essential part of all three Abrahamic cults, Judiaism, Islam and Christianity. It has never been present in our European religion.

In the legend, twisted by Jewish mythical altering of original Eumerian legend, Lilith was an independant creation, equal to Adam, and even sometimes enjoyed being with Adam in an upright position rather than a missionary one...

Well the rabbis were not having any of this! (-; She was reviled by them and presented as a demon who killed babies and said to have gone off with an evil angel (i.e. she left Adam).

Adam wanted a wife still, so a woman was made from Adam's rib (Eve) and this symbolized her secondary position. Eve was submissive and inferior enough for the Semites to handle.

Painting by Collier..

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