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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Latest Unconstitutional Anti- European Bias at Kilauea Military Camp and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A close up of the giant offical park event poster prominently displayed at this very moment outside the Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park Visitor Center Front Door

 Still no response from the National Park Service:

-Jon Jarvis
-Christine Lehnertz
-Cindy Orlando

Dear Ms. Sousa, Mr. Jarvis, Ms. Orlando, and Ms. Lehnertz,

 I was told by Ms. Sousa that it was too difficult for you to “analyze” a website entry which was high contrast light on dark and which strangely even I, who am legally blind without correction can easily see. She also “ could not see” the giant oversized photograph on the link I sent, so I am enclosing the photograph as an attachment and pasting the contents of the website blog just sent  in a previous message, yet again, into this email.

Ms. Sousa says that this is why no one has responded to my previous email for months…because none of you could “see” it. . This is odd since obviously the correspondence below, for example originally sent to Ms. Cindy Orlando, was in email form and she also was sent the photograph. In case Ms. Orlando could not “see” the photograph, all she would have to do is look at the giant oversized park bulletin that was outside the visitor center where she has her offices.

I also have all of the original email correspondence and this has been forwarded to more than one individual. I have yet to receive a response  in regard to the civil rights violations by Hawaii Volcanos National Park by any Park administrator. There is detailed information both about our very serious concerns of anti- European bias towards both our religion and race and and about the facts of this case below. There are also other letters that express this concern. Please acknowledge receipt of this and the other emails sent.

Update to Previous Entry Below:

Here is and example of just how much respect the government has for European religion and our right to practice our native religion and here are the people involved.

-----Original Message-----

From: Bomier, Susan E CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US) []

Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 10:38 AM

Cc: LeBrun, Richard Mr. CIV USA IMCOM-AFRC Hale Koa Hotel; Reilly, Lawrence L Jr CIV (US); Randy Hart; Deatrick, Craig L CIV (US); Fleming, Gregory R CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US); Mueller, Peter L COL USARMY (US); Folger, Walter J CIV USARMY IMCOM PACIFIC (US); McDonough, Alison W NAF (US); Otoole, Roleen F NAF (US); Falls, David Mr. CIV USA IMCOM-AFRC Hale Koa Hotel; Bruce Taylor;

Subject: Correspondence with the U.S. Army (UNCLASSIFIED)


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE


Dear Ms. Fenner,


Your concerns about the former chapel at the Kilauea Military Camp have been brought to my attention.  Please direct any future correspondence concerning

the former chapel to this office only.  


I will appreciate your cooperation with this request.



Susan Bomier



Susan E. Bomier

Region Counsel

IMCOM Pacific Region

Fort Shafter, Hawaii


Dear Ms. Bomier,

On what basis do you make such a request? With only a couple exceptions, the correspondence I have received, when I have received any, has been condescending and evasive and lacking in even the most basic common courtesy.

In what way have you dealt with this issue? None of you have any right to engage in or cooperate with institutionalized anti-European racism and discrimination against native European religion. You and your colleagues are answerable to the public and not the other way around.

I would like a timely response that is relevant to the concerns I have raised. It is time for substantive action. Serious violations of regulations have occurred. If you have no comment to make, you are welcome to say that too. Be aware that this will be published. Thank you.

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg


Original Entry:

Here is a copy of an email I just sent regarding the issue of anti European hatred and discrimination in government facilites against those of the European religion and race.

Dear Ms. Orlando and Mr. Hart and Colonel Mueller ,

There recently have been extremely unprofessional, immoral and illegal acts  or I would even say a racist campaign waged against those of European ethnicity and religion, actions which KMC, the US ARMY and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park have all either initiated or colluded with. The purpose of this campaign has been to wipe out European religion and culture from those choices that are offered through ongoing exclusion and harassment and this pattern has continued for many months now.  I have some questions for each of you.

If you will remember, I received the following almost unbelievably biased email from KMC Management. Please note the sections outlined in red:

From: Denise Miller [] On Behalf Of Groups

Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012 7:30 AM

To: Seana Fenner

Cc: Groups

Subject: Scandinavian Services



              We are delighted  to let you use our facilities for your services.  Here are a few things you need to do---

1.  Since we book 1 year out and KMC is a self supporting entity if someone wants to use our chapel and pay for its use, you will not be able to use it that day.  We would like you to check with us every 2 weeks and we can let you know if the chapel will be available.  Please e-mail to this e-mail address.

2.  Currently the only date that is not available is May 19th as we have a church retreat here that has it reserved.  And of course December 24th for Volcano Chorus.

3.  Chapel must be left as it is found.  If the chapel is dirty we will charge a $25.00 cleaning fee

4.  Since you are not a 501c  and  because we are a government entity, you may not charge for your services

5.  If it is known you are charging for services the use of the chapel will be terminated.

If you have any issues with these rules, please do not hesitate to contact us.

               Mahalo, denise


Denise Miller

Director of Groups




1) I would like to know how it is even remotely possible that Christian services were allowed to continue after it was officially discovered by you, and your colleague, that Catholic and Protestant clergy were taking donations from visitors against army policy? It is clear also that KMC Management was aware of this and has been for many years and yet they still sent the email above.  We never took a single donation and were threatened and insulted, while Semitic religion services have been allowed to collect donations openly, and even have envelopes printed up for that  purpose and appointed treasurers, and offering dishes of  various kinds are openly displayed. One has to wonder why they were allowed to do so openly, against regulations, and to continue to have services after this violation was discovered. As the US Army Chaplain, do you have an answer for me, Colonel Mueller?

Denise Millar of KMC Management sent us racially and religiously biased emails repeatedly, intruded upon our services under false pretenses with the collusion of two fake congregants, and has now openly promoted a plan of “getting rid” of the Odinist services after the chapel is decommissioned by the expedient of requiring insurance, which she thinks the Protestants and Catholics can come up with but which the “skinhead psychopaths” (by this she actually meant us) could not. Denise Miller also informed callers that there were no services on Memorial Day when they asked, when in fact there was an Odinist Memorial Service that day, something she was well aware of because she did the scheduling. She went out of her way to mention there were Christian and Protestant services the following Sunday of course.  Her supervisor, Marc Swanson was aware of her actions as well and so have you been Mr. Hart for quite some time.


2) Have you any explanation, Mr. Hart, for why, in the face of such seriously racial and religiously biased behavior as this, these two people, Marc Swanson and Denise Miller, have been allowed to continue unchecked in waging this war on European people and our religion? Why are they even still employed?


3) It also begs the question of why in light of the extremely racist and religiously biased behavior and willful and knowing defiance of army regulations  and federal law exhibited by KMC management, the lease holders are allowed to continue to lease this property from the US Army?  This is for Colonel Mueller and his superior officer Antonio J. McElroy, who has not had the courtesy to reply to me yet about whether the public is to have some way to protest or have any input in the idea of suddenly getting the chapel “off the books” of the US Army and giving it over to the people above to manage it. Such a action would, on the face of it, appear to be a highly inappropriate decision in light of their behavior.  After all, this facility which costs virtually nothing to maintain and has volunteers giving services, does belong to the public, not to those who are caretakers of the property for them. The highest, best use of a religious building is religious services.


KMC Management omitted mention of our European Odinist services while at the same time promoting Middle Eastern religious services.  Despite having promised to advertise our Memorial Day Odinist service, as was done automatically with all the Christian Memorial Day services in the past without question, this was not done. In regard to the advertising issue, we still have received no explanation for this outrageous act of anti European bias and not even an apology. Now there  has been advertisement of KMC religious services, Christian ones ONLY, in the National Park itself as well,  despite the park superintendent, Cindy Orlando’s,  express statement that this was NEVER done, in capital letters.


From: Seana Fenner []

Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 12:35 PM


Subject: FW: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC

Dear Chaplain Colonel Mueller,


I want to thank you again for your message. I have been hoping that the man you thought could help, Mr. Hart, would contact me, or that the situation would improve, but I am quite distressed at the turn things have taken. The pattern of discrimination and actual harassment  has become even worse since we last communicated several months ago. Mr. Hart has never gotten in touch with me, so I am writing you again in hopes that something can be done.


In the email below, as you can see, our Memorial Day services were not advertised, as every Christian Memorial Day service has been, and as KMC management agreed to do. This last week, I have been asked, yet again, to re-schedule or “cancel” (!) the same service for a Christian event that is not even a religious service when my regular Odinist religious service had previously been scheduled at that time. As a gesture of good will I had complied once with rescheduling this service despite it being very inconvenient. . I was even told at one point  to check every couple weeks to see if I could have my services or not, and I have explained to KMC a number of times how disruptive this is to both me and my congregants, and yet I have continued to receive these requests on a frequent basis.


I also have received a number of telephone calls from both Mr. Swanson and Denise Miller despite my expressly and repeatedly stating, politely, that I prefer to communicate by email.  Christians have never been asked to reschedule their services, or to “check in” to find out if they can have their services or not. There also have been several incidents of disrespectful disruptions during services by HVNP and KMC employees who obviously were sent purposely by management to do so. One woman, wearing a KMC uniform under her jacket, actually conducted an inspection in which she looked behind my altar. Afterwards, a man who identified himself as a park employee, came in during my Rede (sermon), and demanded to know what Odinism was, what my credentials were, and what the symbolism of the rune on a slide was in a manner that can only be described as highly disrespectful. 


At this point, I have no other option but to take this very seriously and I appreciate any help or advice you can give.


Thank you.


With best regards and aloha,


Seana Fenner von Fenneberg


From: Seana Fenner []

Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 11:41 AM

To: 'Arlene Bali';

Subject: RE: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC


Dear Ms. Bali and Mr. Swanson,


Why has our Odinist Memorial Day Service not been advertised in conjunction with the other Memorial Day events on your flyer as promised? (please see email just below). As I pointed out previously, every single Christian Memorial Day Service has been advertised as part of the Memorial Day events on your flyer, and you agreed to do the same with our Memorial Day service, yet our service is not even listed on the calendar.


The intent would actually seem to be to denigrate and exclude our religion and this seems especially odd since the honoring of those fallen in battle is arguably considered far more important for us than for Christians. Are you aware that this is not equal treatment?


This situation has become very serious. There have been a number of other such incidents, such as openly disrespectful, impolite or insulting emails from KMC employees. For example, Rick Frasier, your web technician, actually ridiculed our religion and the faith of fallen Odinist servicemen, which you are aware of, Mr. Swanson, since this email was copied to you by him. Most recently, I have been asked to reschedule an upcoming service TWICE, or to cancel it,  while Christian ministers have, to my certain knowledge, never once in the entire history of their use of the chapel been asked to do so.


A great deal of time in which our services could have been advertised has been lost already since the month of May is already half over. Is anything going to be done to redress this situation? Thank you.




Seana Fenner von Fenneberg



From: Arlene Bali []

Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:51 AM

To: Seana Fenner

Cc: Marc Swanson; Elene Rizzo-Kuhn; Harriet Knox

Subject: RE: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC


Aloha Ms. Fenner,


Thank you. Yes, we will do the same.




From: Seana Fenner []

Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:37 AM

To: Arlene Bali

Cc: Marc Swanson

Subject: [Retrieved]RE: [Retrieved]RE the Odinist Services available at KMC


Dear Ms. Bali,


That sounds like a good idea. Thank you.


One other thing, which I think I mentioned below. Will you be listing and featuring our Memorial Day service as part of your activities, and any other services that fall on holidays, as you always have done with the Christian ones?  We would appreciate it.


Thank you again.


With best regards and aloha,


Seana Fenner



I sent the email below with a CC to you Ms. Orlando, and below this I am including your reply. This was about the, yet again, anti- European and disrespectful and discriminatory behavior of the staff and your reply assured me that there was no discrimination despite the fact that there is, and that you only advertised events that were “sponsored” by the park, which is not the case. I noticed that after this the online park schedule actually went down. It’s rather strange how that happens isn’t it? When one asks for equal advertising, equal treatment and equal access, suddenly online calendars disappear and buildings are closed down.




-----Original Message-----

From: Seana Fenner []

Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 3:29 PM

To: ''

Subject: RE: FW: Cultural Event for addition to HVNP Calender


Dear Kay Molhoek,


You do advertise cultural events that are held at KMC which are Hawaiian, such as the Hawaiian Cultural Festival and there is no difference, apart from the culture in question being European.


Some of the events you advertise involve chanting on the edge of the crater to Pele and you even have a poster in which a Hawaiian Kapuna talks about the religious sacredness of the Park site, all paid for with governmental funds. Our event is one which includes the opportunity for the public to be handfasted and is free and open to the public and would be of benefit to the public who, after all, owns the park. There is no legal basis or moral justification for the park to embrace and promote one culture and religion and exclude another. It is a federal entity. To do so would be overt anti-European racism.


Presumably Mr. Geiger would have known all the rules for listing events and yet he never indicated that there would be any problem with listing the event on the 30th January 2012, and never replied to my email. I doubt that a Hawaiian religious leader's efforts to share a cultural event would be treated in such and offhand and disrespectful manner.


If anyone wishes to discuss this further you are welcome to telephone me. I hope the park will reconsider this stance. Thank you for your assistance.


Thank you.


With best regards,


Seana Fenner

From: []

Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 4:42 PM

To: Seana Fenner

Subject: Re: FW: FW: Cultural Event for addition to HVNP Calender


Aloha Seana,


You appear to have a number of misconceptions about what our web site is for.


First let me tell you that we do not advertise any events in the park that are not NPS sponsered events.  We do provide links to partner sites in which they may have events listed.

Second, our cultural events are NPS programs and not government funded but funded by grants, including the cultural festival at KMC.

Third, a cultural practicioner is NEVER advertised.


Therefore your event appears to be advertised by KMC. Wishing you success.




Cindy Orlando


Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

PO Box 52

Hawaii National Park, Hawaii  96718

(808) 985-6025


It would seem that I am not, after all, mistaken about the Park’s “policy” towards advertising religious events, or at least your violation of federal regulations concerning them. Please see attached picture showing a close-up of the official extra large Park event poster prominently displayed outside the front of the HVNP Visitor Center at the present time. You will note that it advertises religious services at KMC not cultural and religious services, not park “sponsored” events, not cultural and religious events, but solely religious Semitic religious services,  ONLY the Christian ones, both Protestant and Catholic are listed, but, yet again, NOT the Odinist services which are conspicuously left out. It even says that the Christian services  are available until October 1st 2012.


You are very well aware of our services, and in fact have been made aware that we wished to have cultural religious events advertised in the past, that is to say events which were not solely religious but which had a cultural component too as can be seen in pasted information from the email  above. I never asked that my solely religious services themselves be advertised, only one particular European cultural and religious festival in which hand-fastings were offered to the public by pre-arrangement free of charge.  I merely requested that this event be  included on your online calendar. I was not replied to on numerous occasions  and when I was, I was treated rudely and then lied to. Now there is open flaunting of unconstitutional discrimination against  those of the European race and faith.



4) What is your explanation for the above, Ms. Orlando? I, the other Odinists and Europeans and the entire community would like to know.




Seana Fenner von Fenneberg

Tel. (808) 985-7211


Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Sleeping Giant Awakens...

"Awake o sleeping giant, awake from the slumber that the evil tyrants have brought upon you."
Romanian National Anthem (with thanks to Ruxy Ivaşcu)

Zero Hour

History happens in patterns, as does science. Even the Sun has a solar maximum and minimum and precession of the equinoxes slowly changes the pole of our planet over vast eons which we measure in the form of astronomical ages.

At times a pattern is too large to see at first. To see the truth one first must see the patterns..and use reason and facts, and consider the source. So much has fallen by the wayside, or been pushed over a cliff by our enemies when we were not looking.

Now is the time to recover it and to see. As in the tale of Sleeping Beauty, where a whole citadel lies sleeping, in our case a whole world lies insensate while the forces of darkness flourish. Only the truth about history has any chance of freeing our people from this icy spell and cutting out the malignant briars which currently hold us fast.

Agatha Christie wrote once in one of her novels about "zero hour". In it she referred to a man who would do anything to destroy one who had rejected him, and the elaborate plans he made to do so. She explained how sometimes a mind would use a body to complete a task as though it were a foreign entity.. and how really, a murder begins not with the act itself, but with the mental preparations before it, that one moment when one decides to make ones desire real..this, she said, was "zero hour".

By the same token, such desires can apply not just to a person, but to a race and not just to a murder of a single individual, but to a genocide. The fact that we, as European people, for the most part do not even realize this, shows how far we have progressed from that initial hour when what almost could be considered some alien beings first plotted to destroy us. Sounds like science fiction doesn't it? If only it were.

A question I asked once.... "What do you think has caused the sheepification of so many of our people? How do you think they can be thawed and woken up?" I received a great many thought provoking answers. Add yours if you would like.

There was a time in the past when ideas and words were the subject of illumination and delight, now, as our European culture has been consistently destroyed, and taken over by these same alien forces, they have been relegated to weapons instead. It was not our doing, and is not of our culture, but it is with us nonetheless, and we must fight this battle of words and ideas actively, or die.

There is absolutely no downside to resistance. Some people do not dare do this yet, in fact, they are so programmed, they do not even dare think, but more people discover the truth every day and the facts are undeniable to anyone capable of reason.. If we keep making effective efforts, Zionists will not be able to halt this worldwide awakening. A critical mass will be reached and the tide will turn.

We must fight with more than words, in fact, we must fight with everything we have. There is a war right now whether we want it or not. It is true that those who have the courage to stand up for the right side will be hated and that people will discriminate against us, and even threaten us, solely for being our own side, but they will do that already if one is of European heritage. Why not make it as hard as possible for the haters of the European race to destroy us? They do intend that we should be gone and they are doing a pretty good job since we are down to only 7 percent globally. 

One Zionist academic in Canada once gloated about how the Swedes would be "gone" in a few decades and he is correct that if this projection remains unchanged that this will occur. Wake up those who are worthwhile to join us, remembering always that only certain people will be.

There is more than a pattern at work in our awakening.. There is the active intervention of the Gods. Nature herself has risen up to help us fight this battle against the enemy of all life. We can not afford to be complacent in our fight, but it is encouraging to be aware that we are not alone.

Wotan mit uns...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

SchloB Nymphenburg & Ancient Royal Sleighs

One of a collection of *wonderful* sleighs at SchloB Nymphenburg...A naked golden mermaid- nymph rises above the prow of the sled like the figurehead of a ship at sea. She holds lamps to light the way for nightime riding.

King Ludwig was especially fond of taking sleigh rides by moonlight... and had such reverance for the moon that he liked to be called the "Moon King", much as Louis XIV of France consdiered himself to be the "Sun King". There is a painting by R. Wenig of King Ludwig gliding through the night in a sleigh very much like this one. One can see this painting just above.

Elaborately carved wooden sleighs have also found in ancient Scandinavian royal ship burials, namely the Oseberg ship burial...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Freedom of Thought VS. Fear

Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear from "Dune"

In many ways we live in a society controlled by fear, and few have the courage to resist it. After all, there are real dangers and consequences to fighting, such as losing one's job, and the sheeple are so self- indulgent that they do not dare risk even the slightest discomfort. In fact, the sheeple are so afraid of not fitting in with the current sick politically correct mind set that they are, quite literally, zombies.

They are not able to think about their views fully or consider them in any meaningful way. They just parrot what they have been told by the television and never consider the source. This Rule of Fear even involves fear of thinking and reason. Not being particularly brainy, the sheeple do not consider the cost of going along with the Zionist Agenda and its Rule of Fear.
With so many of us Europeans living in violent neighborhoods fear is a daily part of our lives for many of us. This is due primarily to non- European immigration since more than 90 percent of all inter-racial crime has white victims. Thousands more of us have gone to fight wars for Israel, and most were not even aware of why they really were fighting, and some have died, or lost their friends, and left their families alone and unprotected all in order to feed the vicious and callous greed of the people of Israel and their supporters. Veterans lose their houses due to not being able to find work or because they are unable to work due to trauma, while we bankrupt ourselves to feed Israhell and its war machine.. 
Many who live in conditions such as these have panic attacks or depression, which some say is repressed rage. Others have difficulties sleeping. I shall not speculate on this here except to say that if we want to live without fear, we need to do something practical to improve the conditions in which we live and stop living as slaves.

Here is just one example of what is now happening in Sweden. As in America and Australia, the non- European immigration efforts and legislation are jewish led, while at the same time jews do not allow non- jews in Israel and even deport black Africans from Israel.

One has to wonder why Israelis are allowed to be concerned about their safety and preserving their national character but we are not and why they wish to enforce multi-racialism upon Europeans. (see link below)What business is it of theirs? 

The video in this link details how there have been multiple assault rapes of Swedish women  recently, and the fact that 100 percent of these rapes had non- European perpetrators.
As a woman, I have to wonder why European men in Europe and elsewhere do nothing to protect us from this. In the past, they would have expelled these people who are preying specifically upon European women because of racial hatred and envy. In fact, in any sane society, those with agendas such as these would never have been allowed into any European country in the first place. That is why our ancestors built fortifications and castles and had city walls and defended them... to protect our people..
Now there has been relentlessly drilled into many of our people, a mentally ill adherance to jewish manipulation intended to  make Europeans hate themselves, a campaign against us in which protecting oneself and one's people is now considered "racist" (except for jews of course). Israelis going to the village of Deir Yassin and killing unarmed villagers and raping small chidren and finishing them off with machetes because they want to build an airport there is simply "defending themselves" but us protecting our people from a racially motivated wave of murderous assaults  is "bigoted".
This hyper-hypocrisy is totally ignored by sheeple men, for whom everything seems to be about their egos or wanting to be perceived as being PC. Meanwhile innocent women and children are assaulted and killed by predators and all we do is give more money to Israel. This wave of assault on European females is not even considered newsworthy by the 97 percent (worldwide) zionist owned press for some reason.
300,000 rapes of white women by non- white men in the United States in 2006 (according to Justice Department figures), and less than ten rapes of non- white women by white men in the same year are not even mentioned ONCE. Since this is a statistical expression < 10 might actually mean zero. Strange indeed that this is not considered a problem. Is this considered bigoted? Of course not, the thinking is that whites deserve to be killed and the trained sheeple think this is fine.  
Some of the sheeple know deep down something is very wrong, but they cannot face it, and cannot even take the trouble to inform themselves about the truth, because they have been programmed to obey and kiss up to their oppressors. They just go along with whomever they perceive to be in charge mindlessly and do not consciously understand what is going on. They have become so used to having propaganda drilled into them that it seems normal not to think and they only see what they are led to see.
The brainwashing and dumbing down have made open direct thought far too threatening to them. Their eyes actually glass over when one mentions even the most basic facts that do not fit in with their limited world view.. Avoidance, self indulgance and capitulation will avail us nothing in this fight however, and in a very real sense these poor people are so far gone there is not much we can do to help them.  


The Zio Sheeple. In the face of certain knowledge that both the Democratic and Republican party campaigns are funded by jewish- owned companies, they still think that it matters who they vote for.

People talk about there being something wrong with the idea of nobility (yet more Zionist Cultural Marxism) but the fact is that it was the nobility that the Judeo-Bolsheviks sought to destroy above all others, as at the Katyn Forest Massacre. Any tribe that does not allow its bravest and best to rule them is doomed as we see evidence of daily. In order for this Cultural Marxist Rule of Fear to end we must fight in every way we can,  and the sheeple are not really the ones who will matter in the final equation.. Those few left with brains, character and heart  must be capable of risking and sacrificing for a cause beyond themselves and to attain freedom. If we do not, all that is worthy in this world will die, and the zionist plastic hell we live in will sink to depths that we cannot possibly imagine.
Was Hael to those of my Brothers and Sisters who are capable of rising above this! You are the new nobility of this world and its only protector, and in your hands and that of our Gods lies our fate. We must all strive to be worthy of this sacred trust. We have quite a battle on our hands.. For those of us who have awakened, one thing we will not have a problem with is fear.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Scottish Thistle….

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg

The Scotch…even their flowers are uncooperative!

Can you imagine what our ancient European ancestors would think of a bunch of foreigners and traitors who were enslaving them through usury and wanted to sell out their country and its people to be used in foreign wars? Would they be simpering up to them and inviting them to tea and calling their own religious celebration parties, “holiday parties” so as not to offend them? 

I see so many people spending so much time and energy trying to smooth things over and cover them up and roll around on the floor with their bellies up to Zionists. When they are not doing this they are pontificating about themselves. They might as well not even be human beings they are so pliant, self centered, whiny and wimpy...and it would seem to be willing to do anything to fit in with the PC zionist agenda, like some sort of wet petunias.

Now this spiky unfriendly little flower has the opposite view!

Zionists Jailing Authors for Writing Books....and Even the Music was Banned...

About FREE SPEECH..clearly a European, not a Semitic Ideal...

In Canada, there have been efforts to write the above... the equating of criticism of Israel with actionable "hate" speech,  into law, and as far as I am aware, they may have succeeded since the last notice of this occurred. It is not as though Zionists do not control the press in Canada too, not to mention 97% percent of the world's media, and this includes the Associated Press.

It is already a "crime" to get the wrong result on scientific tests (results the show without doubt that many aspects of the Holohoax tale are outrageous lies) or to write books that tell the truth about history in 14 countries. (update now 17 nations).  One can be thrown in jail for years for simply telling the truth.

In some places it is even illegal to say the truth in one's own home (-; .... and in fact 44 historians  (that I know of) have been imprisoned for the "crime" of writing or publishing books with verifiable facts in them. Now that the idea of legally equating "criticizing Israel" with "anti-semitism" is being pursued once truly wonders what will be next.

Never mind that Israel is the most barbarous regime on the entire planet... they now want it to be a "hate crime" and "anti-semitic" to disagree with *anything* Israel does. The fact that they are butchering and expelling other Semites and bulldozing their homes, and have been for 60 years, does not signify. After all, Palestinians "do not exist" and the 60 million Europeans the tribe killed before starting on Palestine were also "goyim" and therefore meaningless... in fact that "did not happen", even though it did... it was "Russians" who did it.

Some interesting links about this subject, just a varied selection. There are a rather astounding number of other cases, in the hundreds certainly...

David Irving, Thought Criminal

In case you think this does not apply to you, the ADL (see cartoon just above) and other Jewish organizations have set up "hate" crime laws in every U.S. state which could be used for this purpose ALREADY. Recently, I devoted a couple months to getting the authorities in Montana to drop their infamous first American "holocaust denial" charge, the Lenio case. There is little doubt that if we had already lost our gun rights, as the Canadians have, in this nation, that there probably would have been nothing I could have done to stop it.

Considering we now have indefinite detention without trial as well, this is not even strictly necessary. One can be held indefinitely without charge or trial for "thought crime" right now.

Goodbye Constitution!

In this picture above, we see how one is not ALLOWED to use the symbols of our native European religion and people, in this case a rune. See comments below, transferred from Facebook.


John Reardon: People should be very, very concerned about this turn of events but, apparently, there isn't a ripple on the surface. Why is it wrong to question? Just question? I have been attacked a number of time just for stating a comment on a blog or You Tube. By the way, I have exchanged a number of emails with the above-mentioned Mr. Irving and I've found him an intelligent, sophisticated and hard-working historian. One has to wonder (I have) why he has chosen to soldier on in this area when he could easily have made millions just writing popular books on the War. Could it be he's found a spark of truth in the conflagration of lies about the Holocaust?

Snow Knight : Only the Jews can get away with writing in to law making it illegal to criticize them. Christians could not get away with that ...Muslims, no way. Only Jews, because they're so special.

Danaë A’synja:  I have been called foul names and given death threats just for suggesting that it is not in the national interest of the U.S. to invade the Kingdom of Jordan so that Israel can expand its borders when this was being advocated...Strange officials have visited my Odinist blots and grilled me about the meaning of ancient European runes, runes which have nothing to do with politics but which are religious and ethnically European. (-; Even MUSIC with runes pictures on the video have been banned from youtube. The overwhelmingly Jewish controlled communist regime in Eastern Europe also banned music, a patriotic song in Hungary called "You are beautiful, Hungary"..

Danaë A’synja:  Here is some current music banned onYoutube, apparently for being European and having a picture of a rune. One can see it, but one gets a warning first....

Danaë A’synja: The man who first sent me the video above is dead.