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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sleipner's Festival!

Ariel view of the Bronze Age White Horse of Uffington.

From Tacitus "On Germania"....

"In common with other nations, the Germans are acquainted with the practice of auguring from the notes and flight of birds; but it is peculiar to them to derive admonitions and presages from horses also. Certain of these animals, milk-white, and untouched by earthly labor, are pastured at the public expense in...
the sacred woods and groves. These, yoked to a consecrated chariot, are accompanied by the priest, and king, or chief person of the community, who attentively observe their manner of neighing and snorting; and no kind of augury is more credited, not only among the populace, but among the nobles and priests. For the latter consider themselves as the ministers of the gods, and the horses, as privy to the divine will. "

Regarding the White Horse...There are some very interesting ancient Slavic parallels. The below was found by Dominik Vručinić.

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