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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Pythia Would *Really* Like One of These! (-;

This golden torque, dating to 400 BC, was found with a stone statue of a warrior in Glauberg, Germany. The warrior the statue was meant to honor was depicted as wearing a torque very much like this one. It may once may have belonged to him.

Golden, and sometimes silver, torques like these were made by Norse, Celtic, Germanic and other Nordic peoples and have been found in Britain, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, and even Italy, where a blonde Celtic woman of high status was found wearing a fabulous example of this ancient art. Their workmanship is exquisite.

More well known instances of art depicting torques are the famous “Dying Gaul” statue and the breathtaking silver Gundestrup Cauldron in Denmark, which shows our Gods wearing torques..

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