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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Matter of Perpective...The Holodomor Holocaust..Have you ever even HEARD of it?

A short video of only a minute or so...well worth watching...Trust me, you probably really need to watch it..

So extreme is the Media bias that many people have not the barest conception of the truth…One good example is Lazar Kaganovitch, an atheist jew, who was in charge of an operation that killed at least 10 million European people, a third of them children, and no one has ever even heard of it. Think about why.

This picture shows starved Ukrainian children at Holodomor...They starved to death for their land. Everyone has heard of Hitler and of the "jewish" holocaust, just not the real facts about it. When a historian tells these facts, he or she is arrested… 43 so far that I am aware of. The reason is that when any rational person looks at it, he or she sees the truth.

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