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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scholarship....and the Reverse...

It is astounding that the woman who wrote this, named Ellis- Davidson, who was apparently an ethnically jewish xtian, and not very objective... to the point of telling outrageous lies about history, is generally regarded as an expert “scholar” (-; It is also very surprizing that she would ever have received any degree or have managed to have a single book of this...
standard published considering how nonsensical the content is. .

Needless to say, Vikings, not to mention ancient Greeks, Celts and other Europeans, have been wearing Thor hammers or other symbols of our faith, and building wooden and stone temples and monuments many THOUSANDS of years before a primitive jewish cult, recently made up by desert people with no civilization of their own, came to their shores and copied and perverted the meanings of the symbols of our culture to suit their own ends.

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