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Thursday, August 23, 2012

European and American Pawns of War

Why does it matter that our government in America is full of foreign dual citizens (Israeli of course)? Why should we care that they are using our media to tell us outright lies and that 97 percent of the media is Jewish owned worldwide?
The reason it that such tactics have been used many times throughout history by the Zionists and they always lead to the destruction not just of the enemies (or I might better say direct victims)  of the jews but of the host nation. First there is infiltration, then bribery and assasination,  financial parasiticism through usury, false flags and other manipulative acts, and even the use of entire  countries to wage wars in jewish interests and against the interests of the nation they have taken over and corrupted.
Right now the United States of America and its resources and people are being USED to wage war against nations in the Middle East, not in our interest but theirs. We and other European countries were also USED in this way to wage war against Germany for the Jews because the banksters had been expelled.... Here is just one example.
The below is taken from the album by Cosmin Florin
What follows are his words and his picture and links he found.

"A look into WW2 Leaders and their Bloodlines" by Cosmin Florin 


Churchill's Mother Was Jewish

Winston Churchill was the spoiled son of an aristocratic father and an American mother who doted on him. As a young man he was a dilettante who developed an early taste for expensive clothes, imported cigars and old brandy.

At 26 he entered parliament.

In the company of members of the English aristocracy and establishment Winston’s ‘night on the town’ often ended at fringe homosexual private shows in which every depravity known to man was indulged.

Jenny Jacobson

Churchill's mother was Jenny Jerome. Her father was involved in theatre investment and changed his name from Jacobson to Jerome.

"Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill , née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome."

Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post.
In England at the beginning of the 1900s commenting that there were very few English aristocrat families left that hadn't intermarried with aspiring Jews. It was said that, when they visited the Continent, Europeans were surprised to see Jewish looking persons with English titles and accents.

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