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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Anti-Europeanism and Jewish Social Terrorism Tactics

Ever heard of a word for being racist against European people? Well some use the phrase "reverse racism", but really that is just more racism because it implies that only whites are "racist". We all know about "anti-semitism", dont' we (-;,  but what is anti-semitism in a real sense?
It's very simple. If you do not go along with the Zionist Agenda like a woolly glassy eyed zombie- sheep, you are " an anti-semitic Nazi! " and a terrible "racist" monster, and it does not matter that the REAL monsters killed 60 million European people and and lied about it and blamed it on the "Russians". What happens if you come out with these inconvienant details? One can be arrested for "anti-semitism" in 14 countries and jailed for years for the crime of writing books with verfiable facts in them.
In this Jewish hell we currently all live in, Truth is Hate, remember that. I have catalogued 43 historians and publishers who have been imprisioned under these zionist made "hate" laws, but there are many more. In fact, I once had the dubious pleasure of being threatened by a jewish Canadian academic who suggested I could be arrested for denying the Holohoax, while he denied the Holodomor Holocaust and the Palestinian Holocaust in the same breath. This same man later gloated about the low birth rate in Sweden, caused in large part by jewish created non-European immigration and race mixing propaganda there, saying they would be "gone" in a couple decades.
Just as a matter of public interest, Odinists and other self -identifying Europeans by the thousands were thrown off of Zionbook several months ago, all on the High Feast of Ostara, which also happens to be the Persian new year. Never let it be said that Jews do not know how to celebrate.
We were all thrown off for "threatening or organizing violence" which is rather amusing to say the least since I, who have received unsolicited hate mail and death threats by the dozens, and even visits to my house and phone calls from our semitic brethern,  have never once threatened a single one of these "persons" (for want of a better word) back or even used a single bad word on facebook. 
By way of contrast, Jews can (and have) called me foul names repeatedly and made threats against me publically for hours on end and yet, mysteriously are NEVER REMOVED. Do you supose it might be a miracle because they are the self-chosen people? Who knows? (-;
In between all the foul abuse and threats, one of their favorite tactics is to get all their friends to report one using jewish facebook groups and they also frequently question one's credentials and often try to find out where one's place of employement is for what can only be nefarious purposes. They once actually had a campaign with 30 people involved over several days in which at least a thousand of my facebook friends were ordered to defriend me or else in tagged notes. I was, of course, called a "Nazi Whore" (in a negative sense) and my profile was posted like a wanted poster on about a thousand walls apparentlty.  30 people did defriend me, but 60 friended me.
Eventually a friend sent me a picture of myself with some additions which made me appear to be a valkyrie (or angel, depending upon ones point of view), and which you see above. I changed my profile picture to this picture instead and suddenly all the wanted posters of the "Nazi whore" in question had a angelic aspect which took the wind out of their sails a bit.  One time a jewish woman asked if my "boss" knew that I was an anti semitic Nazi whore, the assumption being, of course, that my boss must be jewish. (-;
In addition to all these other fun games, Jews also like to send me "Love messages" about raping me and breaking my legs, or about how they think I want to have sex with my uncle and the racial slur "white trash" is often used in these love letters to describe me since this is what they so very much wish I were, instead of them. In fact, if one looks at pornography and remembers that the pornography industry is almost exclusively jewish owned, one sees almost nothing but blonde or fake blonde women portrayed as "white trash" and frequently being called "white trash" and being degraded by non white males. The fact that more than 90 percent of interacial crime in America has white victims is virutally ignored by the 97 percent jewish owned  media (globally) of course, and supposedly has nothing to do with this.  Meanwhile, no one seems to think anything is wrong with this disgusting display of racial hatred against white women.
I cannot count how many times I have been told I did not go to Oxford by jews, but it would be a very high number. Here, in the picture below (click to enlarge),  is just one example of the libelous sort of things that are said in between the expletives. For more about the gentleman in question, see the previous blog in the link just  below.

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