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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Israel Raising a Monument to the Butcher of Europeans by the Jewish Red Army

The Israel igovernment is always demanding apologies, such as when the Swedish government allowed free speech by not stopping a courageous reporter from printing the truth about an international Israeli organ stealing ring using Palestinian youngsters. This is widely laughed off as a hoax, but unfortunately it is not.

One wonders if the Israeli government is sorry for the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages, as in the massacre of helpless unarmed villagers at Deir Yassin or for
the torture, starvation, rape and murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of Europeans, also to steal their land? My answer would be no. You must decide for yourself.

This is a computer generated image of the monument Israel is building to commemorate the Red Army, no doubt using US tax dollars. They are celebrating the atrocities committed by the Red Army and doing it on land obtained by committing other atrocities. Why are they doing this? Because 75 percent of the regular Judeo-Bolsheviks and every single leader of the Red Army was Jewish.

According to the Tamud, none of these things are actually morally wrong. In the Talmud (which takes precedence over the part of the Torah you are probably familiar with) it is permissible to break every one of the Ten Commandments, and this includes murder, theft and child rape, as long as the victim is not jewish and the perpetrator is.
If you are a American, you have been used by the jewish owned unconstitutional Federal Reserve, fought outrageously expensive and, if you were personally involved, life threatening, wars based on outright lies in the Media and supported by jewish owned politicans who are supposed to be your elected representatives. All of this was done in the interest of a foreign country, not America, and many of the people in your government supporting these acts are dual Israeli citizens.

You have also given them 3 trillion dollars in foreign aid illegally to commit more crimes, such as bulldozing the houses of innocent people and building theirs over them, and detaining and torturing children in Palestine,. And yes, there is a further 8.2 million dollars a day given to Israel...amazing really.

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