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Friday, July 13, 2012

Trolls, Zionbook and Amulets

I would prefer to keep this blog focused solely upon posts regarding our European faith, but a people who have been wiped off the face of the earth by a species of vicious trolls cannot have a religion, much less freedom of speech or thought. These two zionists (or is it one zionist?), and others like them, have attacked me with foul language and other abuse and/ or death threats hundreds of times for such "crimes" as suggesting that it is not in the interest of the United States to invade Jordan for Israel, and yet facebook, a.k.a. zionbook,  never removes them.

Conversely, when Europeans who have been libelled by them try to protect themselves, or defend their reputations, they and their comments are removed. In fact, thousands of Odinists and other self-identifying Europeans were removed recently from facebook simply for being European. The man above left stated that I had been thrown out of the University of Oxford and my thesis rejected and this is untrue. I am legally entitled to expose this libel to all and sundry as a defensive measure in order to protect my reputation, even though I am a white woman and he is a Zionist.

Here is the text that accompanied the picture that was removed above. Its removal and other anti-free speech measures taken on facebook by agents of our own government, which might as well be called Jewmerica, clearly demonstrate that, at this time, there is only one perspective allowed in this country, the Zionist one.  

In 2011 I wrote the below. This was just the very beginning:

“I am a patriotic American who believes in free speech. I recently posted 2 albums about Zionism, one of which concentrated upon its followers' attempts to oppress free speech, the other of which talked about various anti-American attitudes and actions which Zionists and Israel have- or have committed- against America. The items I brought to peoples' attention are not generally known, since all 8 major news networks in the United States are owned by Zionists, and this even includes Fox news.

I received numerous threats…but after it became clear that I was not going to allow cowards to keep me from exercising my right to free speech, or keep me from reserving my patriotism for my own country, rather than Israel, things became even more intense. I have begun to receive yet more hate mail, including foul language, and numerous questions about where I work, where I live, etc. from complete strangers… . Here is just one of the stupid messages a "Mr. Vera" sent me:

Hector Vera

Weel you stupid little cow I see you wrote that you know a little French,Italian German, Latin, Ancient Greek, and wish you spoke a Kilingon ...But do not worry , because you sure speak a lot of Bulshit...And that cover your hateful face real good

I noticed that "Hector Vera" was fb friends with a man named "Randal Crouch". His site looked relatively normal at first, but then I saw that, in addition to belonging to more than a dozen Israeli groups, he was a member of the "JIDF", "Jewish Internet Defense Force" an anti- free speech group which apparently attempts to terrorize anyone who tells the truth about Zionism and Israel on the internet...and which has 48,882 "likes". This organization's founder was recently thrown off of facebook for his behavior. For more about this organization, see

Then, I noticed this posting a little down Randal Crouch's wall...

 Randal Crouch

 If you care about Israel and the Jewish people, you should check out the photo albums of (my name at that time). 42 of my friends are also friends of hers. I'll let you decide how to handle it from there. Thanks.

 July 29 at 3:28am •LikeUnlike •

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 Donna Davis will do!

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 Shannon Seals Checking it out now

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One of these people tried to friend me as "Donna Davis"..Some interesting facts...Randal J. Crouch actually has "1st Amendment Rights" and "the Constitution" listed among his interests. He says of himself “I love truth”

All of this first began when I started seeing a great deal of ravings and hatred, and what was, to me, rather outrageous attempts to justify these views religiously. These ravings also contained a great deal of either mistaken information, or outright lies. I posted a picture of the King David Hotel in an album called “The Truth about Palestine”. I explained some of the historical facts in the text accompanying this.. for instance, the fact that Menachim Begin was a terrorist and that Israel instituted terrorism in the Middle East. I tried to encourage people to be a little more centered upon America.

 (small one picture album with hotel picture and facts and even suggestions that I hoped people got along deleted. For the record, now that I know more, I do not hope that anyone gets along with them anymore (-;.)

 I was attacked for posting this simple, accurate one-picture album alone…Then I saw something I found truly horrifying…a war-mongering post by one Zak Rymil which suggested Israel invade Jordan (with U.S. funding of course) accompanied by more ridiculous disinformation along the standard “Palestine never existed” lines. This motivated me to post a couple albums on Zionism- albums which are historically correct and taken from an American, rather than Zionist point of view.... 

 (Albums listed here were deleted- they contained facts about history and photographs and were very academic in nature and in fact at that time I even tried to separate the concept of Judaism from Zionism because I did not understand that Zionism is just an expression of Judaism. I had not read the Talmud yet)

 At this point, I began to receive not just uncalled for insults and abuse, but death threats. You can see one of them in one of the albums in the Zak Rymil post thread.

(Now you can’t, because it was deleted, but I may repost it some time.)

Sorry Anti-American Zionist nutcases… this just makes me MORE determined to tell the truth...Bring it on...not all of you together have what it takes to obscure reality...”
On a lighter note,remember, Semitic trolls and their minions can be troublesome. Every Nordic person could use one of the above, a troll cross amulet..I know I would like such a necklace!