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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Nameless War Crime....The Sinking of the “The Wilhelm Gustloff”

Apathy and willful ignorance…in a way, they are much the same thing. There is a willingness in many to see *only* what we are directed to see, to be led, and not consider the source...Sometimes we even lose sight of titanic ships...ships that carried European women and chlidren..people like us.

Here are civillan refugees fleeing torture, slavery and slaughter, but unless things are drastically c
hanged by us, their story will never be told and will lie forever, silently, on the sea floor.

Many do not want to know the truth, or know anything (-; , Often this is because they feel they have better things to do, such as arranging their hair or playing a video game. And yet, I understand how the man in this video feels.

Like him, I hear the voices of the dead calling out for justice. How can it be that some of us have become so self- centered and lost that they cannot hear the voices of our own people? They also cry out in warning, from a society that was so much more true than ours it is hard to contemplate how far we have fallen. Even dead, they are not as far gone as most of us are at this moment. If we do not hear them, we too will soon be gone.

About the Sinking of the Refugee Ship, “The Wilhelm Gustloff”

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