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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A picture of a small determined surfer I saw while vacationing on the other side of the island. I think he should be able to play, socialize and even be able go to school and Boy Scouts in safety.

I have just been called a "hater" yet again for putting the rights of children before homosexual rights. (-; Odinists love our faith, folk and family enough to be responsible human beings and stand up ...
for what is important and for the truth.

Here are the Facts VS the Zionist myths that are being promoted:

1. It is often said that heterosexuals attack more children than homosexuals do and statistics are even advanced to support this, but they are misleading.. to say the least. They do NOT take into account the percentage of homosexuals in the population. When one does factor this in, homosexuals are 40 percent more likely to sexually assault a child.

2. In addition to the falsified figures, the general idea is also put forward that men who attack children are not homosexuals but "pedophiles". Common sense, however, should tell anyone who considers it that a man who rapes a boy is homosexual.

3. We are told that homosexual rights are not in opposition to heterosexual rights or children’s rights, but in fact, the rights of children and homosexuals are in direct opposition to one another, and are, in a legal sense, at war. At this very moment underage children are being given lists of gay bars, exposed to graphic homosexual pamphlets,
and are being taught homosexuality is just another lifestyle choice, in order to overcome any aversion to it, which would otherwise be natural.. In California, small children whose teachers *think* they may be gay are taken off site and given special homosexual indoctrination classes. All of this is without the parents’ knowledge or consent. In Canada, things have been taken even farther. Homeschoolers are being threatened that they must present homosexuality as a "normal" lifestyle choice in their own homes or be charged with a crime, and even run the risk of losing their children. Homosexuals in America are trying to normalize sex with children and make it LEGAL as part of a "children’s rights” campaign by NAMBLA. Other homosexual groups are pushing for the creation of laws which would make it a lifelong felony crime for a child to “bully” another child (who is homosexual) in school. “Bullying” now is a code word for anyone who does not accept the Zionist homosexual agenda. Obama and Romney, who both are Zionist funded, now have expressed that they oppose the Boy Scouts ban on accepting homosexual scout leaders despite the fact that these groups are watering holes for homosexual predators,0,5822319.story.

4. Are those who do not think that they or their children should be subjected to ANY of this and who believe in freedom of thought and opinion, *really* “haters”? Our position is that Odinist men, who wish to protect women and children (rather than homosexuals who can protect themselves), are behaving like REAL MEN. We believe that those who do otherwise are merely seeking shallow ego strokes from a sick society and shirking their responsibility, and avoiding reality. We put children and freedom from Zionist occupied Marxist government first. If you still think that we are “haters” for doing so, consider this question. Tell me, do you think the homosexuals who assault children "hate" them, or do they just not care?

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