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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Sleeping Giant Awakens...

"Awake o sleeping giant, awake from the slumber that the evil tyrants have brought upon you."
Romanian National Anthem (with thanks to Ruxy Ivaşcu)

Zero Hour

History happens in patterns, as does science. Even the Sun has a solar maximum and minimum and precession of the equinoxes slowly changes the pole of our planet over vast eons which we measure in the form of astronomical ages.

At times a pattern is too large to see at first. To see the truth one first must see the patterns..and use reason and facts, and consider the source. So much has fallen by the wayside, or been pushed over a cliff by our enemies when we were not looking.

Now is the time to recover it and to see. As in the tale of Sleeping Beauty, where a whole citadel lies sleeping, in our case a whole world lies insensate while the forces of darkness flourish. Only the truth about history has any chance of freeing our people from this icy spell and cutting out the malignant briars which currently hold us fast.

Agatha Christie wrote once in one of her novels about "zero hour". In it she referred to a man who would do anything to destroy one who had rejected him, and the elaborate plans he made to do so. She explained how sometimes a mind would use a body to complete a task as though it were a foreign entity.. and how really, a murder begins not with the act itself, but with the mental preparations before it, that one moment when one decides to make ones desire real..this, she said, was "zero hour".

By the same token, such desires can apply not just to a person, but to a race and not just to a murder of a single individual, but to a genocide. The fact that we, as European people, for the most part do not even realize this, shows how far we have progressed from that initial hour when what almost could be considered some alien beings first plotted to destroy us. Sounds like science fiction doesn't it? If only it were.

A question I asked once.... "What do you think has caused the sheepification of so many of our people? How do you think they can be thawed and woken up?" I received a great many thought provoking answers. Add yours if you would like.

There was a time in the past when ideas and words were the subject of illumination and delight, now, as our European culture has been consistently destroyed, and taken over by these same alien forces, they have been relegated to weapons instead. It was not our doing, and is not of our culture, but it is with us nonetheless, and we must fight this battle of words and ideas actively, or die.

There is absolutely no downside to resistance. Some people do not dare do this yet, in fact, they are so programmed, they do not even dare think, but more people discover the truth every day and the facts are undeniable to anyone capable of reason.. If we keep making effective efforts, Zionists will not be able to halt this worldwide awakening. A critical mass will be reached and the tide will turn.

We must fight with more than words, in fact, we must fight with everything we have. There is a war right now whether we want it or not. It is true that those who have the courage to stand up for the right side will be hated and that people will discriminate against us, and even threaten us, solely for being our own side, but they will do that already if one is of European heritage. Why not make it as hard as possible for the haters of the European race to destroy us? They do intend that we should be gone and they are doing a pretty good job since we are down to only 7 percent globally. 

One Zionist academic in Canada once gloated about how the Swedes would be "gone" in a few decades and he is correct that if this projection remains unchanged that this will occur. Wake up those who are worthwhile to join us, remembering always that only certain people will be.

There is more than a pattern at work in our awakening.. There is the active intervention of the Gods. Nature herself has risen up to help us fight this battle against the enemy of all life. We can not afford to be complacent in our fight, but it is encouraging to be aware that we are not alone.

Wotan mit uns...

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  1. Wotan mit uns! The old saying was Gott mit uns. This alone is the ancestral speritual progress the Aryan people need to embrace. In reality we have more culture than the spiritual sabotage forced upon us. We must erase the history books that bear witness to our disintegration and asrise from the ashes pure, unadultered, and unblemished. May the Sig rays of sol invictus cast shadows over the lies and shine pure light on the truth that we may have the peace and self determination as our feet are planted firmly on Ymir's slain body.