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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Abraham was a Pimp: The Wacky World of Christian Identity

A very Semitic-looking depiction of Jesus
Was Jesus jewish or part jewish...did he even exist? I could give you an educated opinion, or my best guess, but I honestly do not know the answer for certain. One thing I shall be is honest. Personally, from the historical records I have seen, I suspect he did exist, and that he was at least half Jewish and very likely entirely semitic. Much of the legend regarding him was borrowed from earlier sources,   just as the creation story in the bible was taken from a far earlier legend, that of ancient Sumer, and twisted to fit some rather self seeking aims with a particular agenda, even then. In fact, xtianity is more or less analogous to the Holohoax, as the single biggest enforced scam ever perpetrated by jews and their collaborators against Europeans.
For example, Mithras was reborn after 3 days in a tomb well before the myth of Jesus. Was this genuine religious tradition of Mithras taken over, plagiarized, and semitized just like everything else by a foreign cult? Were the "holy trinity" and the "three wise men" not first our Three Gods? Without doubt. Such also is the case with the xmas tree, which was taken from our holy Yule Tree, and easter, taken from the Festival of our Goddess, Ostara. Most definitely, these traditions were stolen and a false foreign meaning  put over what is real and pure.
Jesus (if he existed) was fighting the teaching of the oral Talmud and some of the words that have been purported to be his may have been good advice for jews given their unique culture and tendencies, but they certainly are not good advice for Europeans. Do I particularly care what a person who espoused the cultural marxism that has almost completely detroyed our people and culture had to say, if indeed he even said any of it?  Not really. I care about OUR people, and our EUROPEAN martyrs and heroes, and about saving them from Semitic cults. I absolutely do not care about jew worshipers, semitic invaders and collaborators.
What is CI or Christian Identity? It is the most outlandish semitic cult of all..It is comprised of a group of people, some European or part European, and others of obvious jewish ancestry, which is strange indeed in a group that is supposedly composed of terrible anti semitic racists.
Their brief in short is this...Europeans are the Israelites and jews are not Israelites. Jesus was not a Jew either. Everyone in the bible is a white European Israelite! (-; Jews love it because in this bizarre scheme of things, the evil Edomites (who are Arabs) race mixed with the innocent blonde jews and destroyed them, and all of we Europeans are Semites. Needless to say, this is not so, and Europeans and Semites are genetically, morally and culturally two entirely different people and always have been.
Out of respect and good manners and a desire to be open minded and promote free speech,  I'll listen to any theory, no matter how crazy it is,  if people appear to sincere and want my advice, but this one has nothing to recommend it. In the many messages I have received from CI cultists and skimmed so as not to be rude, I have not found ONE single rational, historical or scientific argument to support this claim. The level of reasoning is somewhat along these lines...the Tribe of Dan sounds like "Dane" so Danes are one of the tribes of Israel! (-; Like Jehovah's Witnesses, they think that saying something repeatedly makes it so. CI cultists typically try to imply that we Europeans all are Semites, or were originally, and sometimes even go on to the theme that the "Great Semites", which we are a mere offshoot of, are now extinct. (-;
One jewish CI man ("Doc K") actually told me...:
“If it wasn't for my people yours wouldn't exist. Because we are your origins!”
It might be well for them to remember that Semitic "religion" has existed for only approximately 4,000 years, not very long in the larger view of history...and of course Xtianty and Islam, the other semitic cults, have been around an even shorter time. Thankfully, they show signs of collapsing soon on their own. Our real European religion has, by contrast, existed since Cro Magnon times, some 40,000 years...
Then there is the question of civilization..The Israelites were a criminal desert tribe and have never had their own civilization. No one could consider modern day Israel, in Palestine, to be a civilization. Amazingly, the CI cultists, many of whom are Europeans, actually prefer to make up obvious lies about their own people who created the greatest of all civilizations, and they insult their own ancestors... All of this because they cannot live without a jewish book to tell them what to do.
One of the funniest things CI cultists do is try to represent the bible itself as being "European". It is true that the European King James translation did much to make parts of it appear more elegant and complex, but a European translation of a jewish book does not make it a European book, any more than jews taking the ancient Sumerian creation legend and modifying it for their use make the jews who did this "Europeans".
Anyone who reads, for example, the Iliad, can see that Europeans had an idea of honor that permeated their whole existence and society, and of course, their religion too. Wars were fought for the honor of marriage bonds and due to violations of sacred hospitality. By no stretch of imagination would a European man do as Abraham did and trade the favors of his wife for presents and land! When I point this out to CI's they make excuses for Abraham (who was a pimp). They say, "He was afraid of being killed" or "he felt he had to" to explain why Abraham lied and said his wife was his sister. When the part of the story where he was expelled for lying is pointed out to them, and the fact that jews are often expelled for crimes comes up, they have nothing to say and just blithely go on talking about things like Esau having red hair, and how this means he must be Irish!. (-;
CI cultists ignore the highly suggestive references  to Moses, who, if he existed, would seem to have been involved in a jewish ritual murder of gentile babies...Historically, numerous cases have been recorded of gentile children being murdered on Passover or the Feast of Purim for the sake of Jewish ritual. Many of these child victims have been considered martyrs and have been sainted by the Catholic Church.
Then there is  yet another expulsion called "the Exodus"...The thiny veiled jewish drama in this  fairy tale has as its basis a very familiar pattern... jews being expelled for their crimes. Anyone who knows anything about history, and who is familiar with our ancient European cultures before they were tainted by semitic religions, sees the overwhleming difference in the content. The bible is about jews and written by jews.
Are Christian Identity and Christian Zionism the two wings of the Zionist Vulture, as it were? From what I have seen, I am pretty certain that CI has more than one Jewish organizer and that it is a mechanism for bringing those xtian Europeans who have stumbled upon the truth back into the judeo-xtian fold. After all, what can be more useful and more of an ego trip to a bunch of ethnically cohesive con artists than to have a people whose civilization dwarfed theirs into insignficance, worship them, want to be them and think they are the "Chosen  People" of god, and so on. 
CI  is part of an attempt to falsely link Semites and Europeans...and to enslave us once again with the same regressive, semitic religion... one that has caused countless setbacks for our science, art, and music, not to mention damaging the heart and identity of our people and encouraging us to seek self destruction.
If  people really are dumbed down enough to believe there is a link, this way we can all be presented as being “one”. (-; The next step, as a partly semitic CI person (DB) said last week, is suggesting that we should all love our “white” Semitic brothers,. etc. (i.e. them), and in this manner the parasite has connected to the host again. Certainly there are also some European CI people who cannot let go of jew worship and the jewish book and have nothing but scorn for European culture, but are these people in any sense European? For me, with the exception of those who have not yet seriously considered our European religion, the answer is no.
A dreadful woman suggested to me, not long ago, that it would not matter if we European no longer existed as a race and that our European culture could exist without our race. She thought this was great and oh so PC! She seemed oblivious to the fact that race and culture are inextricably linked.
Some say religion does not matter in our struggle to survive and that the point is just to preserve our people, but religion is part of that equation. I think it highly unlikely that the jews could ever have induced us to fight Brother Wars against our own and believe their lies, had we still embraced our native religion, rather than thoughtlessly adhering to the idea that we are all one in jesus, and that there is no Greek and no jew, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.
I am not an Odinist because I think it is the only way to preserve our people. I am an Odinist because I know our religion is real and the semitic cults false. However, I do believe we will not survive if separated from our own European soul.. and we must not allow this to happen. Our culture and identity matter, and that identity is not xtian. It is time for us to be a people and stand in the sunlight again.
Above: The Hraunfossar or "Lava Falls" of Iceland..Beneath the hardened lava, pure, clear water bursts forth..



  1. You've written much here that bears further examination and would provide much food for thought for those who desire to search further. Although I do not disagree with much of your characterization of christianity as a whole, and CI in particular, having come to many of these conclusions on my own recently, I would like to say that while the CI people I have interacted with and whose writings I have read, agree completely with your statement that Europeans and jews are two completely different peoples (well jews aren't really people at all, but that's a whole different issue), they would completely disagree that jews are in any way Semites and would state that it is jews who have coopted the term "Semite" for their own use, thus usurping the place of true Biblical Israelites. That being said, it is true that the christian bible, as it has come down to us, is a jewish document, although the traces of ancient Aryan thinking can be seen threaded throughout since what the jews really did was take already existing writings and adapt them for their own use and call it holy writing.

    Unfortunately, we can't turn back the clock to the time before chrisitanity appeared in our history, so our only choice is to go forward from where we're at right now. The fact of the matter is that most White people believe they are christian and believe it has always been so. Ridiculing their religious beliefs will only cause many of them to become stubborn and refuse to listen. No one likes to hear they've been duped and it's especially hard to take when they discover they were duped by their very own parents, who were duped by their parents, and so on and so on.

    One of the hardest things for people to overcome will be the susperstious belief that the Pagan Gods and Goddesses are of the devil and inherently evil, and spiritual destruction will come about to anyone who has any interaction with them. It is certianly the issue I have struggled with the most in my journey out of christianity. I have done a great deal of research into Odinism and while I definitely find it to be European/White in nature and content, I find National Socialism to be more my cup of tea. I do, however, appreciate the information you have provided as it is very thought provoking.



    Thanks for the great article. You are very right.

    Judaists (who call themselves Jews but are mostly Whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages) rely upon the Torah (Old Testament) for their own identity.

    The Torah (Old Testament, OT) was written by various scribes at a much later time than claimed. It is a rehash of Middle Eastern and African myths that were amalgamated by the scribes and projected back in time. The documentary hypothesis showed that there were 4 different authors, "J," "P," "E," and "D", who fabricated the Old Testament.

    By carefully analyzing the text, we can find out more about the authors.

    The Torah is replete with extreme violence, genocide and pervasive incest. Abraham was a pimp and his wife Sarah a prostitute for an African (therefore black) Pharaoh. Moses and Yahweh are portrayed as serial killers. The OT is replete with commandments to kill innocent people, including women and children. "Biblical scholar Raymund Schwager has found in the Old Testament 600 passages of explicit violence, 1000 descriptive verses of God's own violent actions of punishment, 100 passages where God expressly commands others to kill people. Apparently, violence is the most often mentioned activity in the Hebrew Bible." (in the book: "The Destructive Power of Religion", by Ellens).

    Abraham was from the Ur of the Chaldees and the Chaldeans were negroid (--Sir Godfrey Higgins). “The discovery was very disconcerting to literary historians and philologists for that race proved to be…not a branch of the civilizing Aryans, nor of the gifted Semites but a Negro people......” (H.G. Spearing, The Childhood of Art, p. 255, 1922)

    Moshe (anglicized to Moses) was raised by the Pharaoh`s daughter as her own, i.e. an Egyptian. Egypt is in Africa. The Egyptians, as is apparent from their own writings, their thick lipped black statues and paintings and a skull analysis of their mummies, were negroid. The writing of Herodotus and Massey confirm this fact. Therefore Moshe, who was not detected as a stranger by anybody for decades and looked just like an Egyptian (Exodus 2:16-2:21), must have looked just like that other Egyptian blacks, a fact apparent from a careful reading of the Torah (OT).

    The Torah (OT) has an Egyptian setting. It is obvious from reading the Torah (OT) itself that its stories are about black people. Its characters, people and places have African names. It is replete with African (especially Egyptian) myths and rituals (such as circumcision). The scribes and their tribe, the early Hebrews/Jews, were thus very familiar with African myths, so were probably African, and therefore black.

    For eg.

    Song of Songs 5:11 " His hair is curly – black like a raven."
    Job 30:30 : "my skin is black"
    Song of Solomon 1:5: "I am black but comely."
    Song of Solomon 1:6: "… I am black…."
    Leviticus 13:31 and 13:37: "black hair…"

    Their rampant criminality (such as Abraham pimping his wife and Moshe engaging in mass murder), low morality and violent language are also more consistent with a black personality and a negroid culture.

    Is it not strange that some of the most educated white people (the Judaists) who claim to be the smartest people around do not see the obvious--that the Torah is an African forgery (See Forgery of the Old Testament, by McCabe). Instead, they believe the mythology and self-serving lies of these barbaric ancient African tribes and imagine they are "Jews", "God's Chosen" and worship an African Moshe as a prophet.