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Thursday, September 20, 2012

SchloB Nymphenburg & Ancient Royal Sleighs

One of a collection of *wonderful* sleighs at SchloB Nymphenburg...A naked golden mermaid- nymph rises above the prow of the sled like the figurehead of a ship at sea. She holds lamps to light the way for nightime riding.

King Ludwig was especially fond of taking sleigh rides by moonlight... and had such reverance for the moon that he liked to be called the "Moon King", much as Louis XIV of France consdiered himself to be the "Sun King". There is a painting by R. Wenig of King Ludwig gliding through the night in a sleigh very much like this one. One can see this painting just above.

Elaborately carved wooden sleighs have also found in ancient Scandinavian royal ship burials, namely the Oseberg ship burial...

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