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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Freedom of Thought VS. Fear

Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear from "Dune"

In many ways we live in a society controlled by fear, and few have the courage to resist it. After all, there are real dangers and consequences to fighting, such as losing one's job, and the sheeple are so self- indulgent that they do not dare risk even the slightest discomfort. In fact, the sheeple are so afraid of not fitting in with the current sick politically correct mind set that they are, quite literally, zombies.

They are not able to think about their views fully or consider them in any meaningful way. They just parrot what they have been told by the television and never consider the source. This Rule of Fear even involves fear of thinking and reason. Not being particularly brainy, the sheeple do not consider the cost of going along with the Zionist Agenda and its Rule of Fear.
With so many of us Europeans living in violent neighborhoods fear is a daily part of our lives for many of us. This is due primarily to non- European immigration since more than 90 percent of all inter-racial crime has white victims. Thousands more of us have gone to fight wars for Israel, and most were not even aware of why they really were fighting, and some have died, or lost their friends, and left their families alone and unprotected all in order to feed the vicious and callous greed of the people of Israel and their supporters. Veterans lose their houses due to not being able to find work or because they are unable to work due to trauma, while we bankrupt ourselves to feed Israhell and its war machine.. 
Many who live in conditions such as these have panic attacks or depression, which some say is repressed rage. Others have difficulties sleeping. I shall not speculate on this here except to say that if we want to live without fear, we need to do something practical to improve the conditions in which we live and stop living as slaves.

Here is just one example of what is now happening in Sweden. As in America and Australia, the non- European immigration efforts and legislation are jewish led, while at the same time jews do not allow non- jews in Israel and even deport black Africans from Israel.

One has to wonder why Israelis are allowed to be concerned about their safety and preserving their national character but we are not and why they wish to enforce multi-racialism upon Europeans. (see link below)What business is it of theirs? 

The video in this link details how there have been multiple assault rapes of Swedish women  recently, and the fact that 100 percent of these rapes had non- European perpetrators.
As a woman, I have to wonder why European men in Europe and elsewhere do nothing to protect us from this. In the past, they would have expelled these people who are preying specifically upon European women because of racial hatred and envy. In fact, in any sane society, those with agendas such as these would never have been allowed into any European country in the first place. That is why our ancestors built fortifications and castles and had city walls and defended them... to protect our people..
Now there has been relentlessly drilled into many of our people, a mentally ill adherance to jewish manipulation intended to  make Europeans hate themselves, a campaign against us in which protecting oneself and one's people is now considered "racist" (except for jews of course). Israelis going to the village of Deir Yassin and killing unarmed villagers and raping small chidren and finishing them off with machetes because they want to build an airport there is simply "defending themselves" but us protecting our people from a racially motivated wave of murderous assaults  is "bigoted".
This hyper-hypocrisy is totally ignored by sheeple men, for whom everything seems to be about their egos or wanting to be perceived as being PC. Meanwhile innocent women and children are assaulted and killed by predators and all we do is give more money to Israel. This wave of assault on European females is not even considered newsworthy by the 97 percent (worldwide) zionist owned press for some reason.
300,000 rapes of white women by non- white men in the United States in 2006 (according to Justice Department figures), and less than ten rapes of non- white women by white men in the same year are not even mentioned ONCE. Since this is a statistical expression < 10 might actually mean zero. Strange indeed that this is not considered a problem. Is this considered bigoted? Of course not, the thinking is that whites deserve to be killed and the trained sheeple think this is fine.  
Some of the sheeple know deep down something is very wrong, but they cannot face it, and cannot even take the trouble to inform themselves about the truth, because they have been programmed to obey and kiss up to their oppressors. They just go along with whomever they perceive to be in charge mindlessly and do not consciously understand what is going on. They have become so used to having propaganda drilled into them that it seems normal not to think and they only see what they are led to see.
The brainwashing and dumbing down have made open direct thought far too threatening to them. Their eyes actually glass over when one mentions even the most basic facts that do not fit in with their limited world view.. Avoidance, self indulgance and capitulation will avail us nothing in this fight however, and in a very real sense these poor people are so far gone there is not much we can do to help them.  


The Zio Sheeple. In the face of certain knowledge that both the Democratic and Republican party campaigns are funded by jewish- owned companies, they still think that it matters who they vote for.

People talk about there being something wrong with the idea of nobility (yet more Zionist Cultural Marxism) but the fact is that it was the nobility that the Judeo-Bolsheviks sought to destroy above all others, as at the Katyn Forest Massacre. Any tribe that does not allow its bravest and best to rule them is doomed as we see evidence of daily. In order for this Cultural Marxist Rule of Fear to end we must fight in every way we can,  and the sheeple are not really the ones who will matter in the final equation.. Those few left with brains, character and heart  must be capable of risking and sacrificing for a cause beyond themselves and to attain freedom. If we do not, all that is worthy in this world will die, and the zionist plastic hell we live in will sink to depths that we cannot possibly imagine.
Was Hael to those of my Brothers and Sisters who are capable of rising above this! You are the new nobility of this world and its only protector, and in your hands and that of our Gods lies our fate. We must all strive to be worthy of this sacred trust. We have quite a battle on our hands.. For those of us who have awakened, one thing we will not have a problem with is fear.

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