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Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Scottish Thistle….

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg

The Scotch…even their flowers are uncooperative!

Can you imagine what our ancient European ancestors would think of a bunch of foreigners and traitors who were enslaving them through usury and wanted to sell out their country and its people to be used in foreign wars? Would they be simpering up to them and inviting them to tea and calling their own religious celebration parties, “holiday parties” so as not to offend them? 

I see so many people spending so much time and energy trying to smooth things over and cover them up and roll around on the floor with their bellies up to Zionists. When they are not doing this they are pontificating about themselves. They might as well not even be human beings they are so pliant, self centered, whiny and wimpy...and it would seem to be willing to do anything to fit in with the PC zionist agenda, like some sort of wet petunias.

Now this spiky unfriendly little flower has the opposite view!

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