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Sunday, November 4, 2012

ZOG Computer Censorship Games..

Mossad-ZOG T-Shirt
If you try to post anything on facebook that zionists do not like, you may find that you are unable to post it, or that it does not show up in the newsfeed. Recently, I tried to post the website of a native European religious organization, a website I had constructed myself. Even though this was the very first time I had posted this newly created website, it was automatically labeled as spam, even though I posted it on my own page!

After this first posting, it stopped working entirely, and then alternated between forcing one to type in numbers every time one posted, and not allowing it to be posted at all. When I made another site, with the same name, the name of a European religious Odinist organization, in it, this site also was banned automatically. When others tried to post they had the same results. I later found my sites were also banned even in the text of a private picture viewable only to me on another site and labelled as "spam" or "abusive and threatening".
Considering that the text on the private picture was about Erik the Red and the Sagas, it was hardly "abusive"...This means the NAME of our religious organization itelf was banned. Think about the implications of the abuse of the anti-spamming laws...funny because ZOG and its police force in no way police real spam, or even death threats, at least not when threats are made against Europeans. I can personally attest to this.
The first time I witnessed this sort of ZOG computer control on facebook was when a veteran whose house was being foreclosed upon posted a thought- provoking picture. It could not fail to highlight the fact that Americans are used by ZOG as cannon fodder in Middle Eastern wars for Israhell, and that we are bankrupting our country for Israel too, and being fed off of by the jewish owned criminal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve.
This veteran, who was of European heritage, probably had no idea what he was really fighting for at first, received no gratitude for his service, or even equal job opportunities, and was losing his house at the hands of these same jewish banskters. The post was very popular and whenever anyone, not just me, tried to share it, one would get a threatening message from facebook saying that one could be banned for "spamming" and asking "Do you really want to post this"?

Here is a more recent picture, touching upon the same theme.

The traitors in the picture above need "the Iceland treatment", only more intense I think. This man may be a veteran too... One is supposed to fight and risk ones life for the zionists so that Israhell can get more land, then be the victim of their Federal Reserve scam, not get jobs if one is white, lose one's house, then be threatened and maybe even go to prison and be abused by the ilegal aliens and non European immigrants that zionist made anti-European immigration laws brought here....what a place...By contrast, Iceland is trying to save its people...
Here is another post I made just this morning, with the picture at the top of this post accompanying it. This post did not make it into the newsfeed on facebook for some strange reason.
"You may have heard of the infamous IDF t-shirts and their captions such as "one shot two kills" about killing pregnant women (who were not jewish of course); and "the smaller the harder" IDF t-shirt about killing gentile babies ( babies make a smaller more difficult target hence the slogan); or the shirt with the picture of the dead gentile baby encaptioned "better use durex'.

I have a look at the ZOG traitors occasionally, and this morning I found a new one...something that no one should ever give me as a present. Here is the latest Mossad t- shirt, glorifying jewish ZOG surveillance and social terrorism of civillians. In case you think this is a joke, here is the link for this shirt..."

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