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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Discoverers...In Honor of Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson!

Today, October 9th, is Leif Eriksson's Day, publically declared a holiday in 1929. Yesterday was our Day of Remembrance for his father, Erik the Red!! (-; , whose fiery hair and spirit of adventure gave him his name. Erik the Red is credited in the sagas with the discovery of Greenland and the making of the first Norse settlement there. His son,  Leif Erikson, discovered Vinland (America) hundreds of years before Colombus was born.
Leif Erikson's Vinland colony site with Viking artifacts, including advanced metalwork (a technology unknown to the local Indians), still can be seen at L'Anse aux Meadows on the northern tip of Newfoundland. It is an interesting story. (see saga link just below)

Let's all say Skål for the Red Beard and his son Leif the Lucky!

More good news...Today our facebook page, Odinia International, reached 500 feel free to celebrate that with us too..!

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