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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wishing you a Joyous Lindisfarne Eve....

Lindisfarne is one of my favorite holidays on the Odinist calendar.... 

Photo from “Viking Exercise”

I'm told that chasing a priest for a longer time period than strictly necessary increases the cardiovascular benefit of the exercise. If one has more than enough time to catch all of them, one could even occasionally let them think they have escaped before running them down. Good rule of thumb... never chase a priest so fast that you are breathless, but take the time to enjoy the music of their screaming.


About our Rune Journeys Book Club premiere on Lindisfarne Eve!

Tomorrow, 7. June 2015, at 12 noon Hawai`i time, which is...

6.PM in Miami
11 PM in London

Our Librarian, Sharon Hodder-Fenner will be having her first Rune Journeys Book Club Meeting.. The original article has been updated to include a little more information. Please see here for further details.

Only ten people can be on our Skype group at once so please let us know if you wish to come please. It took about 6 hours to make this button below work believe it or not, but it is working now! If for any reason it is not working at the time of the group meeting for you send us an email but I am hoping it shall. (-; The email address is

Please note... Skype has recently disabled online status functionality in all its buttons  and also that of other companies making Skype button code such as the one below, which unlike Skype's own button, at least operates, so if the button says "offline" that does not mean that it we are offline since it can no longer show status. This does not matter though, because one can use the button to get to and add oneself to the live:odinia Skype account. Feel free to make a connection request through the button at any time so as to be ready for the next meeting.


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