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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jewish Censorship Tyranny reaches New Levels.....

You may already know that Facebook engages in highly biased censorship, but may not be aware of the extent. For example, a historical picture of a swastika with a link to this article, on the ThinkTribally website was removed, and I was banned for a month, apparently because I am an Odinist and using our own ancient religious symbols, in this case, the swastika which is the symbol of our God, Thor. On the post itself, I specifically stated that I was posting in honor of Thor, but was banned for a month anyway. This is a violation of the UNRUH statue of the Accommodation Law of California. It is tantamount to removing a Christian priest for posting a cross in honor of Jesus. 

Odinists clearly are a primary target of Zionist occupied governments and their tyrannical cenorship campaigns meant to smother our religion worldwide. Odinist events are illegally excluded and we are removed for such mild things as wishing to wear our own native European symbols. Now Facebook with its extremist pro- Jewish and pro- homosexual bias, has decided that those who are against homosexual threats and bullying, and who are the victims of it, or those who are against child rape are "haters". In the discussion in which the removed comments were made, none of us made any threats...we merely stated our opinions, but apparently that is not allowed on a Semitic site. For contrast, and as an example of one of the real threats made by the homosexuals in question that were NOT removed, see this article.
Jews and militant homosexuals think nothing of bullying and threatening anyone who disagrees with them for hours at a time even when the person has already left the conversation, but nothing is done to curb their behavior.

There was a similar incident in England. A homosexual Druid in favor of mass non European- immigration and the attendant racial replacement of Europeans in the UK, went into an insane rage over my politely disagreeing with him (see above) , and threatened me repeatedly, saying that he would beat my face in with a baseball bat and similar. For the first time, I decided to actually report this person. I do not believe in hate speech myself, but if it is going to be applied to people with traditional values, shouldn't it be applied to European- hating homosexuals and Jews as well? In response, a woman in the British police force actually accused me of being abusive for the "crime" of being against homosexuals raping children they had adopted. I told her that as far as I was aware, child rape is still illegal in the UK.
Canadians from Guelph (?) apparently don't want any posts from Odinists. They openly imply that any Heathens who do not embrace the Christianized version of Paganism will be run out of town. (-; 

Beating women in the face with baseball bats would seem to be quite the fashion for militant  homosexuals who particularly hate women, whereas Jewish homosexuals, and other Jews, tend to prefer to threaten one with torture, such as dismemberment, and cannibalization, (a favorite theme of theirs...  "cooking the gentile"), and running one over with a bulldozer as was done to Rachel Corrie. Here, one of them, male (after a fashion), is talking about his friends and him beating or killing a Nordic woman (me) with baseball bats, and how that would be a good way to deal with anyone who is not willing to go along with their agenda…

Earlier, this person suggested that the police needed to be "kept out of it" because their group might be viewed as “harassers”. I wonder why anyone would think that of people who have spent years foully harassing everyone associated with our religious organization, simply because we are traditional, folkish, and ethnically European? (In addition to being "racists", we must be crazed, conspiracy theorists wearing tinfoil hats to even consider it harassment, I guess!) One also wonders why this almost all Jewish, mixed race, and homosexual group, supposedly against “racism”, above, never once has harassed any Zionists? Their ONLY targets have been native European people who have a Nordic appearance, usually women.
By the way... This is our issue with Holodomor.
Please bear in mind that I have never so much as responded in kind to these truly hateful control freaks who have spewed vicious filth at my associates and me for years now. Our crime? We are not in favour of Zionism, which after all is racism, and we want to preserve the unique diversity of the European race. How on earth is wanting to survive, and preserve one’s culture, heritage and race, especially in a traditional native ancestral religion, “racist”?

Their agenda is to force all native European Heathens to allow Jewish Communists and militant homosexuals to run or otherwise dominate all European Heathen organizations and allow them to dictate to and abuse Europeans with impunity, because they are the "self- chosen" people, and we are, after all, just  "goyim" (cattle). I do not believe that because they are Jewish or homosexual or both, that they are superior to me or entitled to bully, threaten, and call Europeans foul names for hours on end, or post people’s phone numbers on a website with pictures of White people’s heads being kicked in by Blacks to incite violence against us.. They have done all of this however, and a great deal more, and our legal system, and law enforcement, thus far will do nothing about it in any country.
It's apparently ok to actually torture, rape, and murder European heritage people if one is a Jew, at least that is what it says in the Talmud, but telling the truth about Jewish crimes and genocides of other races, especially of Europeans, is "racist"

For reposting this picture just above, and refusing to delete it, I was put through multiple CAPTCHA security checks,  threatened that if I ever posted anything like this again that my rights to post would be taken away, and quite a bit more. What is it that I am being attacked for? For posting a picture quoting the words of a genocidal Jew talking about raping and exterminating European women and  children, something he managed bring about... the assault of 2 million European women and children. Whose feelings are the censors at Facebook concerned about? Why the feelings of the Jews of course, because we "goyim" are not human according to them, and the Talmud, and we deserve to be raped and killed, and even genocided...

Most recently, the two pictures below were removed and I was banned for a month again. Today there was more banning, this time for posting pictures of the removed comments made with the following statement as commentary, none of which violate any Facebook rules.. This commentary below, with its pictures, was referred to by Facebook as "hate speech".

"Incredibly, facebook has banned Seana for 30 days for making these two comments because she is against child abuse. I would have thought that community standards would be against pederasty, not against people objecting to it. The people who were calling her homophobic, a c@nt, a Nazi, and a hag... and who were insulting Amber for being blonde and suggesting she be burnt on a pyre on the same article, are apparently ok with facebook. None of us reported them, but whoever removed her must have seen all the foul abuse in the other comments she responded to, and how mild her comments are in comparison. Even when leaving out all the foul names she and anyone else who objects to militant homosexuals are called, referring to someone as "homophobic" is an insult too because it amounts to calling them a coward. Facebook apparently has a group of militant homosexuals working for them who have taken over and are processing their own agendas without even the barest pretense of objectivity."

Facebook removed several instances of the post and its two accompanying pictures above, banning 3 Odinia  admins, in addition to me, and suggesting that we "unpublish" another prime target, our Heathens against Jewish Supremacism Facebook Page. Just to explain the rules in real terms, supposedly Facebook is against "bullying" but of course bullying only applies to bullying of homosexuals and Jews, and other non-Europeans, who are all "victims" no matter how much they abuse traditional White heterosexuals. No one else can be considered a victim but them. If you suggest that their terrorizing others is abuse that makes you a "homophobic racist hater". 
I made one comment pointing out that there was no homosexual marriage in the ancient world. Clearly, I need to be reported to the FBI.... This militant homosexual, who is not a professor apparently but only teaches one course, is attempting to use our native religion to push homosexual agendas to young students.

Of course, Facebook does allow bullying if the ones doing the bullying are the right race and sexual orientation, which would be non-White and especially Jewish, and  homosexual. JIDF, ADL, SPLC and numerous other Jewish groups act as extremist social media terrorists, while ironically calling themselves "anti-racists", but no one removes their groups. Not surprisingly, in the 97%Jewish- owned media, these REAL hate groups, full of vicious and even murderous sociopaths, are portrayed as heroic and in the right no matter what they do. Their members typically seek to take away their victim's jobs and harm them in every other way possible, even to the point of taking away legacies from "racists", and trying to imprison those who tell the truth about history and Jewish crime. Their abuse of Europeans and our ethnic symbols is so obsessive it is a form of insanity.  

"HUAR" , (a Jewish and homosexual group which says it is against racism but does not allow posts against Zionism) and "They Can't" (an anti European hate group that reports pro-European videos) constantly organize mass abuse and reporting of anyone who does not kow tow to Jewish supremacism. None of our groups organize reporting or  bullying of anyone, but apparently Zionbook really, really does not like anyone being against Jewish supremacism. In my experience so far, there have been no legal or law enforcement solutions to these behaviors. It is going to take much sterner measures, and the Jews have no one to thank for this but themselves...

The philosophy of Robert Rudachyck who, in between libeling Nordic women and calling them foul names and suggesting that they must be cut out like cancers, enjoys indirectly threatening what he calls "Nazi barbies" with being cooked and eaten by Jews, to the point of actually posting pictures with real barbies tied up over cooking pots and troll figures on one's birthday. What are his intentions? Read his words and decide for yourself. "Sometimes it may be necessary to do something bad to prevent something worse from occurring".